Professional Dentistry

XO FLEX dental unit with seat


Hands free
Focus on your work in the oral cavity and manage the unit, unit instruments, patient chair, light etc. with the foot control.

Instruments right at hand
You maintain focus on the treatment as you do not need to look away to reach the unit instruments. They are placed over the patient’s chest within the peripheral field of vision of you and your dental assistants.

Clear view of your work
An automatic and efficient chip blow cleans and dries the work area each time an instrument stops. This feature significantly reduces the number of times you need to switch from a dynamic instrument to the syringe. You get better visual control and more focus on the task at hand.

XO FLEX dental instruments over the patient delivery system


Quality management starts with your instruments.
You adjust each individual unit instrument to perform to your specifications, allowing you to achieve your desired level of quality.

When you work with for example a micro motor you choose between three speed ranges making it easier for you to select exactly the speed you require.

As a unique XO feature, you also adjust the amount of spray water. Applying the correct amount of spray water is essential. Too little and you risk tissue necrosis, but too much and your field of vision is disrupted.

XO ODONTOSON 360 dental scaler and XO ODONTOCURE dental polymerization lamp


A very effective yet gentle ultrasonic scaler with uniform impact on all tooth surfaces at all 360 degrees. Due to the circular titanium tip movement, you access all surfaces without twisting your hand or changing instruments. Use XO ODONTOSON with antimicrobials or sterile saline supplied by the XO Peristaltic Pump.

Is a new versatile LED polymerization light with very high output power yielding reduced curing time, three preset curing times, and a soft-start feature.

Animation of patient chair with changing colors


Flexibility through individual setup
Select up to six unit instruments, peristaltic pump
and other accessories according to your preferences
and work habits.

Flexibility for individual dexterity
XO FLEX is equally suited for left-handed use,
with plenty of space on both sides of patient chair.
The same XO FLEX unit can be configured for both
left-handed and right-handed users.

Flexibility in appearance
XO FLEX is supplied in 2 unit color
combinations and with patient chair
in 9 different colors with 8 different,
matching fabric colors.

Make sure to visit our color configurator
and discover the full range of color
possibilities that XO FLEX gives you.

For full details, please see
XO FLEX Technical Specifications.



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