XO FLEX - Overview

XO FLEX dental unit with red patient chair


In tune with the legendary Flex unit concept, we hereby present XO FLEX. A unit based on more than 65 years of experience, continuous product development and refinement. A unit that gives you complete flexibility when you perform high-quality dental treatments.

Efficient dental team work with over the patient instrument delivery system


XO empowers you to perform the very best dental treatments, enabling you to make full use of your skills and expertise. XO’s solutions allow you to focus on the working area in the oral cavity, improve management of the quality of treatment and apply your own individual settings.

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Comfortable dental patient chair


We understand and recognize how very important it is that your patient remains calm throughout treatment. To this end, XO's equipment is designed to be safe and comfortable and to help you gain the complete confidence of your patient.

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blue dental unit design


Our objective is to help you increase the value of your equipment investment by saving you time and money, giving you maximum uptime and providing an attractive working environment.

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