Ergonomic Dentistry

green dental patient chair


Sit in the upright, balanced position
XO SEAT is designed to let you sit well during treatments, with no unnecessary strain to your body, neck or head, hour after hour, day after day. With XO SEAT, you sit in an upright, balanced position with plenty of legroom under the patient chair backrest for working in all positions – from 9 through 12 o’clock.

XO SEAT is upholstered with XO Comfort fabric that allows your skin to breathe.

Dental led operating light


See all surfaces of all teeth – while maintaining a good posture
The patient chair neck rest allows you to place the patient’s head in six different positions. This, combined with the flexibility of working in positions from 9 to 12 o’clock, provides you with the best possible view of each tooth surface without bending or straining your neck, spine or upper body. XO Operating Light gives a clear, shadow-free LED light where you need it.

Easy to operate balanced dental unit instruments


Centrally-placed unit instruments in perfect balance
The unit instruments are located where you need them: centrally over the chest of the patient. No need to stretch to reach them. Each unit instrument has one-of-a kind, individually balanced instrument suspension. You get perfect balance and no strain in the fingers, hands, arms or shoulders.

Just let go of the suction hoses
The suction hoses are intuitively positioned for easy gripping. After use, just let go of the hoses and it finds the way back to the holder.



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