XO SMART LINK is an extraordinary software solution that enables you to get even more out of your XO unit as well as improve the quality of care.

With XO SMART LINK you are free to configure the unit and instrument functions according to your personal preferences. You can concentrate on your work in the patient’s mouth, minimize the risk of cross contamination and eliminate extra foot controls.

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Full focus

XO SMART LINK allows you to define all functions of your unit, instruments, patient chair, light and more using only the foot control.
Keeping your hands free will maintain your focus on the oral cavity.

Set the parameters of each unit instrument exactly as you want. This ensures that you have the right parameters when you need them.
The XO Screen User Guide shows you how to change hands-free between treatments, using only 2 clicks on the foot control.


Hands free interface

XO SMART LINK with hands-free control reduces the risk of cross contamination. The limited number of instrument switches and minimizing the need for external devices, further improves your infection prevention.

You can set, control and lock all of the instrument parameters so that you and your team minimize risks during treatments. When you feel confident, your patients will also.

Your unit can help you to increase the quality of care and ensures comfortable treatments. The fluent workflow in endo and implants will be predictable, safe and will increase patient comfort.

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Sit, see and work well

We often see dentists bending forwards to obtain an optimal viewing distance.

Changing the treatment with the foot control allows you to sit in an upright and balanced position, stay focused on the oral cavity and avoid looking away from the work area.

XO SMART LINK creates a workflow focused on you, your assistant and the patient. The XO units with centrally placed instruments and adjustable workflow will help you avoid twisting of your body.

Create your own programs which optimize your everyday workflow to minimize strains.


Efficient and reliable

XO SMART LINK helps your team to work efficiently with instrument programs and individually configured unit functions. It is set exactly the way each team member wants – this way our multi-user solution enables the preferred workflow for every dental professional in the clinic.

Both unit and software are upgradable and always up to date with the newest products. XO SMART LINK program is the most reliable partner for your clinic.
Your unit is used all day, every day for many years. No other dental equipment investment is more crucial.



XO SMART LINK, together with XO OSSEO motor gives you an unmatched possibility to perform implant preparation and bone surgery.

XO OSSEO is a two-phase brushless motor with a very high torque of 6.5 N.cm. The motor can be used continuously without overheating. It never blocks and requires no maintenance.

The motor is also suited for root canal preparation with a reciprocating movement of the file (XO NiTiSafe).

XO OSEEO is easily fitted on your XO unit without the need to use any tools. Just replace the standard micro motor with XO OSEEO.

XO Peristaltic Pump allows you to use sterile saline or antimicrobials. When drilling at high speeds, you are able to maintain a low tissue temperature and therefore avoid necrosis.



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