1. XO 4-2 UNIT

Dental treatment unit and patient chair.
Compact floor-mounted unit stand with patient chair (side lift), cuspidor and single-column, pivoting articulated balanced arms for the instrument bridge, operating light and display.
Logic user interface yielding maximum focus on the oral cavity and optimal infection control.
Designed and manufactured in Denmark.
XO 4-2 Unit (XO-402)


Unit stand in aluminum with service panels for easy access to XO Water Clean, XO Suction Disinfection and auxiliary connections.
Detachable aluminum side covers for easy service access.
Two buttons located on the top of the unit stand for patient activation of cuspidor flush and cup filler.


Attached to the unit stand – side lift.
Compensated articulation of backrest in relation to seat.
Backrest with integrated elbow supports and double articulated neck rest.
Chair base joystick for foot controlling chair functions.
Positions: 2 programmable working positions, rinse position, zero position and last position.
XO Patient Chair is supplied with skai or XO Scuba upholstery – see section 1.17.2.
Height above floor: 51 – 105 cm – measured from floor level to the top of the seat.
Maximum patient weight: 150 kg.


All incoming water is filtered, eliminating particles from the main water supply.
A main water valve automatically switches water on/off when activating the main switch. A leakage sensor provides automatic shut-off of water supply if an internal water leak is detected.
The integrated XO Water Softener decarbonizes water for use in the XO unit and protects the internal components of the unit by reducing the limescale content. Furthermore, the taste of the water is improved by removing unpleasant odors and tastes, e.g. chlorine. The filter cartridge (UH-200) must be replaced at intervals of no more than 12 months. In areas with a high level of limescale it may be necessary to replace the filter cartridge at shorter intervals.


Detachable and thermodisinfectable cuspidor bowl in glass with gold trap.
Swiveling stainless steel faucet with safety switch allowing easy removal of cuspidor bowl for cleaning.
Detachable and thermodisinfectable cup holder with stainless steel faucet.


Arms for instrument bridge, XO Daylight and XO HD Display pivot on one vertical column.
Manufactured from aluminum and connected via slim joints with roller bearings.
Adjustable and maintenance-free balance spring and friction brakes for smooth and effortless operation. Steel covers fitted with magnets.


Fitted with up to six detachable unit instruments:

  • The 3/6 function syringe is placed to the left (near the dental assistant) or to the right (for left-handed dentists)
  • All other unit instruments may be placed as required by the end users
  • When ordering the unit please specify where the different instruments shall be placed
  • After delivery it is possible for a technician to rearrange the instruments on the bridge

The instrument bridge also contains an instrument pad, a bridge protection pad, two autoclavable handles and an instrument bridge display.
In addition, a display, a speaker with adjustable volume for providing acoustic signals to the operator and a programming button is included.
Adaption for:

  • XO Hand instrument table – see section 1.7
  • XO Auto Return suction hose holder – see section 1.5.1


Depending on the weight of the instrument, the instrument suspension is individually adjusted for maximum balance.
All unit instruments are fitted with a plug and may be attached/detached by the users for cleaning and disinfection – without using tools.


At the front of the instrument bridge a display for monitoring instrument data is fitted.
The display consists of:

  • One 8-digit text field: Indication of the maximum preset value of the primary instrument parameter (for example, speed) when the instrument is lifted forward, but not activated – and the current value of this primary parameter when the instrument is activated (the light intensity of the text field is adjustable)
  • Three green LEDs for indication of selected amount (three levels) of spray water or spray water off
  • One blue LED: Indication of spray air on/off
  • One white LED: XO Instant View enabled/disabled


The amount of spray (irrigation) water and air is controlled electronically using proportional solenoid valves.
The spray water may be adjusted in the range: 10 – 65 ml/min ± 20 % depending on the dimensions of the spray pipes in the attached instruments.
Irrigation water for scalers may be adjusted in the range: 10 – 90 ml/min ± 10 %.
Spray air can be set between 0 – 100 % of maximum.


Automatic short blast of high pressure chip air each time an instrument with spray water stops. Keeps the preparation dry and helps the operator to focus on the work task.


All functions of XO 4 unit, XO Patient Chair and instruments are controlled hands-free using XO Foot Control and/or chair base joystick.
For detailed operation refer to XO 4 User Guide and XO 4 Quick Guide.


The foot control is fitted with a pedal and joystick.
The pedal can be activated in three directions (left, right and down).
The joystick can be activated in four directions (north, east, west and south).
The foot control is also equipped with two activation buttons and a hoop in stainless steel.
When all unit instruments are at rest, the foot control manages functions related to the unit and chair etc.
When a unit instrument is lifted forward, the foot control manages this active instrument.


In addition to the foot control, a chair base joystick for controlling the patient chair is fitted.


The following optional automatic functions are available:

  • XO Daylight switches on/off automatically when the chair reaches/leaves working position
  • Cuspidor rinse starts automatically when the cup filler stops
  • Cuspidor rinse starts automatically when XO Patient Chair reaches rinse position


All XO 4 functions are software controlled and may be updated.
Latest software (firmware) version is 3.59 released 2012-11-05.


Left-handed configuration is obtained by fitting the:

  • 3 or 6 function syringe on the right side of the instrument bridge – see section 1.3.1
  • XO Auto Return suction hose holder on the right side of patient chair – see section 1.5.1

1.17. Asepsis, cross infection, cleaning and environmental control features

XO 4 is designed with smooth and easy-to-clean surfaces.
Metal parts of XO 4 unit are painted using an antimicrobial powder coat. A combination of agents with nanoscale silver gives long-term protection against the formation of bacteria and fungi on the surfaces.
Skai, XO Scuba and other surfaces may be disinfected with approved disinfectants.
The unit is supplied with autoclavable handles, suction nipples, an instrument pad and an XO Patient Tray.
Other XO 4 features that enhance asepsis and reduce environmental footprint:

  • Hands-free user interface
  • XO Instant View
  • XO Water Clean
  • Backflow prevention
  • XO Suction Disinfection
  • Automatic functions

1.18. Installation requirements

Mains supply: 230 VAC ± 10 %, 50 – 60 Hz, earthed. Main fuse min. 10 A.
Suction motor control cable: Min. 2 x 0.08 mm2 and max. 2 x 0.5 mm2. Max. 2 A / 60 V DC or 2 A / 25 V AC.
Suction motor capacity: < 300 liters/min.
Assistant call control cable: Min. 2 x 0.08 mm2 and max. 2 x 0.5 mm2. Max. 2 A / 60 V DC or 2A / 25 V AC.
Equipotential earth 1 x 4.0 mm2. To be connected if required by national law.


  • Pipe with 3/8” female internal thread – preferably fitted with a ball valve
  • Inlet pressure 2.5 - 6 bar


  • Pipe with 3/8” female internal thread – preferably fitted with a ball valve
  • Inlet pressure 5.5 - 8 bar


  • Plastic pipe Ø 32 mm with socket.


  • Plastic pipe Ø 32 mm with socket.

XO 4 shall be fixed to the floor with 5 bolts. See 1.10 for optional installation methods and accessories.
XO 4 requires a floor surface of less than 10 m2 incl. cabinets.
Please note distances to walls cabinets and especially hand instrument table – see also Dental Treatment Room – Design Guide.



XO 4 shall be maintained as prescribed in the supplied documentation.

A preventive service checkup shall be performed by a certified technician at intervals of 12 months – see 1.19.1. When it is time for service a message is displayed in the bridge display. When the preventive service checkups have been carried out according to our guidelines, the warranty is expanded from 12 to 36 months after installation – see 1.19.1.

XO 4 unit has an expected lifetime of at least 10 years (guaranteed delivery of spare parts and technical back-up). Components such as intraoral video cameras, PC screens etc. may have a shorter life.




Operation temperature: 15 °C to 35 °C.
Operation humidity: 25 % to 75 %.
Storage and transportation temperature: - 5 °C to + 60 °C.

1.22. LEGAL

XO 4 is designed for odontologists performing diagnosis, prophylaxis treatment and/or treatment of diseases in the human oral cavity.
XO 4 unit:

  • Is in compliance with relevant requirements concerning class IIa equipment in Council Directive 93/42/EEC on medical devices
  • Has been developed, manufactured and handled in accordance with the following standards:
    • ISO 9001
    • ISO 13485
    • ISO 14971
    • ISO 7494-2 - see 1.6.2 concerning backflow prevention
  • Has been tested and approved under:
    • EN 60601-1
    • Protection class against electrical shock, Class I
    • Degree of protection against electrical shock Type B

See certificates.

2. XO 4-6 UNIT

Advanced dental unit and patient chair with technical and other specifications as XO 4-2 above – plus:

  • XO Smart Link – a software that enhances the functionality of the unit with, for example, XO Instrument Programs
  • An extended bridge display for displaying data relevant to XO Instrument Programs and
  • The possibility of attaching and controlling XO Osseo System – a surgical motor system

XO 4-6 Unit (XO-406)

2.1 XO Smart Link – XO instrument programs

XO Smart Link is a software user-interface running on a PC connected to an XO 4-6 unit that expands the functionality of the unit with:
Instrument programs – Containing a pre-defined set of unit instrument parameters for specific dental treatment procedures:

  • Min. speed (motors and turbines) / min. power (scaler)
  • Max. speed (motors and turbines) / max. power (scaler)
  • Speed/power “curve” (exponential, linear, one-step, two-step) – relation between movement of foot control pedal and speed/power
  • Torque setting
  • Torque features (auto stop, reverse) especially used in endodontic dentistry
  • Spray selection (water – air combination)
  • Amount of spray water
  • XO Instant View enabled/disabled
  • See the active program details as well as a list of programs on XO HD Display
  • Name of active program is shown on the bridge display
  • Hands free selection of instrument program - change program with two clicks on the foot control
  • Standard programs or user-configured programs

Treatments – sequences of instrument programs:

  • Implant/Straumann
  • Endodontic treatment

Individual configuration of programs, treatments and unit functions for multiple users:

  • Working positions 1 and 2 of the patient chair
  • Zero and rinse positions of the patient chair
  • Enable/disable automatic functions (light, cuspidor etc.)
  • Function of foot control and chair base joystick


  • User management
  • Stopwatch and alarms
  • XO 4 Unit
  • XO Camera Viewer
  • Presentation Viewer
  • File viewer
  • Foot mouse
  • Windows media player
  • Soredex Digora for Windows 2.7
  • Dürr DBSWIN 5.7.1

Other XO Smart Link features:

  • XO Screen User Guide – a user manual shown on an XO HD Display or PC screen
  • Multi-monitor support
  • Exportable settings and Treatments


  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Danish


  • Latest software version is 4.2, released 2012-03-23 (requires XO 4 firmware version 3.53 or newer).
  • New software version for Microsoft Windows 10 expected to be ready 2016-03-01.

2.2 Instrument bridge display

XO 4-6 is equipped with five instrument bridge displays – one for each unit instrument (except syringe).
When XO Smart Link is running each display indicates the names of the selected instrument program/treatment for each instrument.

2.3 XO Osseo System – surgical motor

XO 4-6 is prepared to function as a surgical unit with XO Osseo System – see section 4.1 and XO Peristaltic Pump – see section 4.3 and 4.4.

2.4 Requirements

Please note: XO 4-6 must be connected to an external PC for executing XO Smart Link with:

  • Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 (future versions of Windows are not necessarily supported)
  • .NET Framework 4.0 or later

3 Unit Instruments for XO 4

3.1 3/6 function syringe

3-function syringe supplies water, air and spray.
6-function syringe supplies heated water, air and spray.
An XO unit must have one, and only one, syringe that must be placed in the leftmost or rightmost position of the instrument bridge.
Specifications – see luzzani.eu.
Luzzani 3-function syringe (XO-010)
Luzzani 6-function syringe (XO-011)
Syringe on right side of the instrument bridge – for left-handed dentists (XO-012)

3.2 Turbine suspension

For turbine handpiece or other types of air instruments (air scalers and polishers).
Hose with Midwest 4+2 coupling.
Turbine suspension (XO-021)

3.3 Bien Air MC3 micro motor

The Bien Air MC3 is a general purpose micro motor with internal spray. The MC3 motor is available with and without LED light.
Specifications – see bienair.com.
Bien Air MC3 micro motor (XO-041)
Bien Air MC3 micro motor with LED light (XO-046)

3.4 Bien Air MX2 micro motor

Bien Air MX2 motor is a high performance brushless micro motor with advanced torque limitation features specifically designed for endodontic treatments in combination with XO 4-6/XO Smart Link – see section 2.1.
Specifications – see bienair.com.
Bien Air MX2 micro motor with LED light, first motor incl. PCB (XO-032)
Bien Air MX2 micro motor with LED light, second or following motor (XO-033)

3.5 XO Odontoson 7 ultrasonic scaler

A very gentle and efficient magnetostrictive ultrasonic scaler with:

  • Magnetostrictive oscillation principle (ferrite rod)
  • Two-dimensional circular instrument tip movement
  • Small amplitude of instrument tip: 10 – 20 µm
  • High frequency: 42.000 Hz
  • Instruments hand-crafted in titanium
  • Interchangeable instruments – without use of tools

Supplied with:

  • 209010 Instrument Heavy-Duty Straight
  • 209080 Instrument Universal
  • 209034 Instrument Thin Line Straight
  • Service kit

For further instruments – please see section Błąd: Nie znaleziono źródła odwołania.

XO Odontoson 7 ultrasonic scaler (XO-060)

3.6 EMS Piezon No Pain Scaler

Specifications – see ems-company.com.
EMS Piezon No Pain scaler; incl. handpiece, instruments A, P and PS (XO-066)
EMS Piezon No Pain scaler with LED light; incl. handpiece with LED light, instruments A, P and PS (XO-067)

3.7 Satelec scaler

SP Newtron, incl. handpiece, instruments 1, 2, 10P.
Specifications – see acteongroup-products.com.
Satelec scaler (XO-065)

3.8 Curing light

LED polymerization light. Choose between 3 preset curing times with XO foot control. Soft start feature available, giving a 30-second reduced intensity. Acoustic signal every 10 seconds.
Specifications – see lysta.dk.
Lysta LCD 8938 Hi-Power curing light (XO-075)

3.9 Intraoral video camera

The camera is supplied with a handpiece and an interchangeable camera head.
USB cable connection from the instrument bridge to the unit stand included.
Other accessories available from Dürr Dental.
Supplied with Dürr DBSWIN imaging software and 20 single-use protection sleeves.
Please note: This intraoral camera must be attached to an external PC.
Specifications and requirements – see duerrdental.com.
Dürr VistaCam iX (XO-085)

3.10 Empty space between two instruments

Needed if fewer than 6 unit instruments are installed and the user requires an “empty space” between two instruments.
Empty space between two instruments (XO-015)

4 XO unit Instruments and accessories for surgery, endo and perio

4.1 XO Osseo System - surgical motor

    • Option for XO 4-6 in combination with XO Instrument Programs – see section 2.1.
    • Brushless powerful (200 W) motor for:
      • Jaw surgery
      • Preparation for implants
      • Endo treatments (NiTi Safe requires XO Smart Link)
    • Torque: 6.5 Ncm
    • Speed range: 300 – 40 000 rpm

Supplied with:

  • Autoclaveable motor and hose
  • Motor sealing plug

Requires XO-051 Preparation for Peristaltic Pump and XO-053 Peristaltic Pump.
For surgical set-up of XO 4-6 unit remove all unit instruments and place XO Osseo on a micro motor suspension.
Please note that XO Osseo System requires XO 4-6.
XO Osseo System (XO-050)

4.2 XO Odontogain

Perio version of XO Odontoson – see section 3.5 above – with supply of external irrigation from reservoir for periodontic debridement and endodontic treatments.
Can also be used for prophylaxis with irrigation from the internal unit water supply.
Supplied with:

  • Heavy-Duty Straight
  • instrument (209010)
  • Perio instrument (209030)
  • Thin Line Straight instrument (209034)
  • Service kit
  • Support for irrigation reservoir
  • Spear for irrigation reservoir

Requires XO-051 Preparation for peristaltic pump and XO-053 XO Peristaltic Pump.
XO Odontogain (XO-054)

4.3 XO peristaltic pump

Supplies sterile saline or antimicrobials to a selected unit instrument.
Irrigation flow rate: 10 – 90 ml/min ± 10%.
Can be used to supply external irrigation to micro motors, XO Osseo System and XO Odontogain on XO 4 unit. When the chosen instrument is activated the peristaltic pump automatically starts providing the selected amount of irrigation (sterile saline or antimicrobial solution from the reservoir).
Please note that the irrigation hoses must be fitted to the chosen instruments manually.

  • Peristaltic pump casing with bag hanger
  • 5 clips for disposable irrigation tube
  • Guide for disposable irrigation tube attached with magnets to XO 4 arm
  • Disposable irrigation kit – 2 pieces

Requires XO-051 Preparation for peristaltic pump.
XO Peristaltic Pump (XO-053)

4.4 Preparation for peristaltic pump

Is a prerequisite for attaching an XO Peristaltic Pump to XO 4 unit.
One single XO Peristaltic Pump may be shared with several XO 4 units equipped with XO-051.
Preparation for peristaltic pump (XO-051)

5 Suction

5.1 Suction options

The suction system includes two suction hoses with:

  • Individual control – each suction hose starts/stops when lifted out of / placed in the holder
  • A flushing system that automatically rinses the suction hoses when they are active
  • Easy-to-clean filters
  • Detachable and autoclavable suction nipples
  • Very light and flexible suction hoses

XO Auto Return suction hose holder that ensures that the suction hoses glide perfectly into resting position after use with:

  • Duo/Solo positions
  • Detachable and autoclavable handle (except XO-201)

Suction with holder on the instrument bridge (XO-201)
Suction with holder on the left side of XO Patient Chair (XO-203)
Suction with holder on the right side of XO Patient Chair for left-handed dentists (XO-204)
Suction with holder on both sides of XO Patient Chair for left and right-handed dentists (XO-205)
No suction (XO-299)

5.2 Suction disinfection

XO Suction Disinfection is a highly effective preparation for the simultaneous disinfection, deodorization, cleaning and care of the suction system.
The system reduces the number of microorganisms in the suction system. It consists of a dispensing pump and a disinfectant cartridge holder. The cartridge holder is accessible from the outside through a service panel and allows for quick and easy replacement of disinfection cartridges by the clinic personnel.
Range of action: Bactericide, tuberculocide, fungicide, anti-viral (covered viruses, adenoviruses HBV, HCV, HIV).
For further specifications – see XO Suction Disinfection data sheet.
Users are notified on the instrument bridge display when the level of disinfectant is low.
The disinfection liquid used by XO Suction Disinfection is available in cartridges of 600 ml.
Storage and transportation temperature: +5°C to +50 °C.
XO Suction Disinfection (XO-310) – without cartridges
XO Suction Disinfection cartridges 600 ml – 6 pieces (AN-354)

5.3 Dry/wet suction solutions

The suction system of the unit may be attached to either a wet suction system or a dry suction system.
Choose one of the following solutions:
Dürr CS 1 Combi-Sepamatic – dry suction system (XO-210)
Dürr CAS1 Combi-Separator with amalgam separator – dry suction system (XO-211)
Dürr cuspidor valve – wet suction system (XO-212)

6 Water accessories

6.1 XO Water Clean

XO Water Clean continuously dispenses a solution of a non-toxic disinfectant containing hydrogen peroxide (working strength solution contains 0.0235 % hydrogen peroxide) to the procedural water. The disinfectant is proven to keep the number of microorganisms in the unit at a level suitable for drinking water.
XO Water Clean further hinders limescale from forming by binding the calcium carbonate.
Two types of disinfection routines are available.

  • Daily dual-step disinfection:
    • At the end of the work day the water container is emptied
    • At the beginning of the next work day the water container is filled and the unit water lines are flushed with disinfectant
  • Single-step intensive disinfection for use after weekends, holidays or longer periods where the unit has not been used:
    • The water tank is emptied
    • The water tank is filled again using a double dose of disinfectant
    • The unit water lines are flushed with a double dose of disinfectant

The cartridge holder is accessible from the outside through one of the service panels and allows for quick replacement of disinfection cartridges by the clinic personnel.
Users are notified on the instrument bridge display when the level of disinfectant is low.
The disinfection liquid used by XO Water Clean is available in cartridges containing 600 ml (enough for 60 liters of procedural water).
Specifications – see XO Water Clean safety data sheet.
Storage and transportation temperature: +5°C to +50 °C.
Please note: XO Water Clean requires installation of backflow prevention (XO-305).
Please note that XO Water Clean cannot be installed on units without cuspidor (XO-470).
XO Water Clean (XO-450)
XO Water Clean cartridges - 6 pieces (AO-980)

6.2 Backflow prevention

The backflow prevention provides a vertical air gap of 20 mm for preventing procedural water from flowing back into the municipal water supply system.
It contains a pressure tank with a capacity of approx. 1 liter that provides pressure to the water that has passed through the air gap. The pressure tank is filled when there is no demand for procedural water. A suitable method for preventing contaminants from flowing back into the municipal water supply is required by law within the EU. Without the backflow module XO 4 unit does not fulfil the requirements of ISO 7492-2 and EN 1717.
The backflow module can be omitted in situations where another suitable backflow prevention mechanism is installed between the unit and the municipal water supply and when XO Water Clean is not required.
Please note: Backflow prevention is a prerequisite for XO Water Clean (XO-450).
Unit backflow prevention (XO-305)

6.3 Water heater

Warms water for unit instruments and cup filler.
To be used in areas where the tap water is very cold.
Please note that XO Water Clean (XO-450) should be installed on units with the water heater.
Water heater for cup filler (XO-455)

6.4 No cuspidor and cup filler

XO 4 unit may be supplied without a cuspidor or cup filler.
Please note: XO Water Clean (XO-450) cannot be installed on units without the cuspidor and cup filler.
Please note: Delivery time for XO 4 units without cuspidor is at least 8 weeks.
No cuspidor and cup filler on XO 4 (XO-470)

7 XO hand instrument tables

7.1 For unit

Rotatable and detachable hand instrument table in anodized aluminum placed below the instrument bridge:
XO hand instrument table for 1 norm tray with holder mounted under instrument bridge (XO-005)
XO hand Instrument table for 2 norm tray with holder mounted under instrument bridge (XO-006)

7.2 For cabinet

Rotatable and detachable hand instrument table in anodized aluminum for installation in a cabinet at approximately 12 o-clock position for efficient four-handed and solo work.
Please see plan of installation in section 1.18.
Please note that the holder for this hand instrument table shall be fitted in a drawer or table top with a thickness of 5-7 mm.
See Dental Treatment Room - Design Guide for further details.
XO Hand Instrument Table for 2 norm trays with holder for adaptation on a cabinet at 12 o’clock (XO-007)

8 Quick connections

XO 4 unit may be equipped with quick connections that are accessible through the service panels on the unit stand.
Please note: Maximum two of the below listed options are possible.
Quick connection air (XO-330)
Quick connection tap water (XO-331)
Quick connection hydrocolloid (XO-332)

9 Infection control accessories

For improved infection control we recommend that the clinic personnel exchange certain unit elements contained in Infection Control Kit for XO 4 once a year.
Infection Control Kit for XO 4 (XO-460)

10 Installation accessories

Steel plate for installation of XO 4 to be used if the unit cannot be fixed directly to the floor or if the floor construction is too unstable.
Steel installation plate (XO-491)

Separation transformer with 6*230 VAC (600 W) – required for supplying an external PC (incl. attached items such as displays) connected to XO 4 unit in order to comply with electrical safety regulations.
6*230 V outlets (600 W) (XO-620)

11 XO Daylight

Operating light with 2nd generation LED technology incl. reflector yielding a shadow-free light.
Long arm and head fitted with 3 axis (allowing the light to be parallel to the viewing direction).
Detachable and autoclavable handles and easy to clean splash screen.
XO Daylight has been developed in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9680.

  • Light intensity: 3 levels: 8.000, 14.000 and 22.000 Lux
  • Color rendering index (CRI): ~ 95 (ISO 9680 requires a CRI of 93 or greater for color matching)
  • Color temperature: ~5.500 Kelvin
  • Power consumption: 7 Watt (no cooling fan)
  • Expected lifetime of LED: 10 years

XO Daylight (XO-503)

12 XO HD Display

A computer display integrated with XO 4 using a short or double articulated arm.
The double arm features a set of detachable and autoclavable handles.

  • 22” Full HD LED display
  • Wide-screen aspect ratio (16:9)
  • Wide range of resolutions supported (up to 1920 x 1080)
  • Housing coated with antibacterial paint and splash-proof front
  • Supplied with HDMI cable from display to unit stand

Please note: XO HD Display must be connected to an external PC with a HDMI interface.
XO HD Display with double articulating arm and handles (XO-614)
XO HD Display with short arm (XO-615)

13 XO X-ray adaptors

Stable X-ray adaptor integrated into the main pillar of the unit:
X-ray adaptor – Ø 24.1 mm (XO-700)
X-ray adaptor – Ø 25.1 mm (XO-702)
X-ray adaptor – Ø 30.1 mm (XO-705)
X-ray adaptor – Ø 32.1 mm (XO-701)
X-ray adaptor – Ø to be specified (XO-703)
Extension 160 mm for X-ray adaptor (XO-710), for use together with, for example, Soredex Minray to avoid collision with cup filler

14 XO patient chair options

14.1 Inflatable lumbar support

Supplied with a wireless remote control to be used by the patient.
Inflatable lumbar support (XO-801)
Please note: Not recommended with XO Scuba upholstery

14.2 Arm rests

Left armrest for XO Patient Chair (XO-810)
Right armrest for XO Patient Chair – turnable (XO-811)

14.3 Child cushion

Child cushion for XO Patient Chair – black Skai upholstery (XO-813)

14.4 No patient chair

If the user prefers to use a different patient chair, XO 4 unit may be supplied without the chair and lifting mechanism.
Please note: Delivery time for XO 4 units without patient chair is at least 8 weeks.
XO 4 delivered without XO Patient Chair (XO-830)


Standard color of unit base, handles, other details and XO Seat/XO Stool base: Iron Grey (RAL 7011) - super mat finish.


XO 4 units are supplied standard in XO Snow White, which is a mat pure white color.
Optionally units may be supplied in the colors Calm Beige, Bright Aluminum and Midnight Black – all with a mat finish.

Please note: Delivery time for XO 4 units in colors other than XO Snow White is at least 8 weeks.

XO Snow White (RAL 9016) XB-931
Calm Beige (RAL 1015) XB-934
Bright Aluminum (RAL 9006) XB-933 Note: Slight color differences may occur.
Midnight Black (RAL 9011) XB-932 Note: Requires more frequent cleaning to keep the surfaces spotless.

16 XO Seat & XO Stool

XO Seat is a saddle without a backrest for sitting in upright balanced position.
XO Seat for operators taller than 180 cm (XO-856) Seat height 60 – 86 cm above floor
XO Seat for operators smaller than 180 cm (XO-857) Seat height 48 – 67 cm above floor

XO Stool is a “knee stool” where the seat has a “cut-out” to give space for the knee of the other operator as well as an adjustable backrest.
XO Seat/XO Stool has adjustable seat height and angle as well as a stable base with 5 castors fitted with soft rubber rings. All metal parts are painted in Iron Grey (RAL 7011). Equipped with skai or XO Scuba upholstery.
XO Stool for operators taller than 180 cm (XO-866) Seat height 60 – 86 cm above floor
XO Stool for operators smaller than 180 cm (XO-877) Seat height 48 – 67 cm above floor

Optionally a foot-ring may be fitted. This enables the dentist and dental assistant to sit at the same horizontal level if the height difference between the two is 10 cm or more.
Foot-ring for XO Seat & XO Stool (XO-854)

17. Upholsteries For XO Patient Chair And XO Seat/XO Stool

17.1 SKAI

Skai upholstery for XO Patient Chair and for XO Seat/XO Stool available in 10 optional colors:

Light Blue
Dark Blue
Light Grey
Warm Grey
Scarlet Red
Dusty Orange
Golden Honey
Sap Green


XO Patient Chair and XO Seat/XO Stool may be supplied with hand-sewn XO Scuba upholstery. XO Scuba has a high-friction, comfortable surface. XO Patient Chair with XO Scuba is equipped with memory foam (low-resilience polyurethane) that takes the shape of the seated person. Expected lifetime 5 – 10 years.

XO Scuba

  • Complies with the requirements listed in ISO 6875 Dentistry– Patient Chair
  • Wear/Abrasion: Better than 100 000 rubs according to the Martindale method EN ISO 12947
  • Pilling: Note 5 EN ISO 12945, no pilling
  • Light fastness: Note 5-6, ISO 105-B02
  • Flame resistance: The material meets all the requirements specified in clause 4.1 of ISO 7176-16 and passed test result regarding ignition source: Smoldering cigarette according to ISO 8191-1

Available in 10 colors:

Coral/022 (AP-570)
Autumn/023 (AO-433)
Brick/021 (AP-571)
Cinnamon/024 (AO-434)
Cinnamon/024 (AO-434)
Cinnamon/024 (AO-434)
Jet/007 (AO-429)
Charcoal/008 (AO-435)


XO Patient Chair and XO Seat/Stool may be fitted with individual fabric.
The following dimensions are required:

  • XO patient chair: 140 cm x 200 cm
  • XO Seat: 70 cm x 50 cm
  • XO Stool: 140 cm x 80 cm

Please note: Upholstery on the patient chair must be in accordance with “ISO 6875 Patient Dental Chair” concerning resistance to liquid absorption and flammability.
XO Patient Chair upholstery with basic fabric for individual upholstery (AP-597)
Basic fabric for individual upholstery on XO Seat / XO Stool (XO-841)

18. XO 4 Units – Boxes Dimensions And Weight


Dimensions (cm)
 L x W x H

Gross weight

XO 4 unit stand

120 x 72.1 x 140

150 – 170

XO 4 arm and instrument bridge

134.4 x 72.4 x 44


XO Daylight incl. arm

118 x 53 x 40


XO patient chair

165 x 80 x 56


XO Seat

60 x 60 x 37


XO Stool

60 x 60 x 37


XO HD display incl. arm

93 x 63.8 x 43


Steel installation plate

120 x 93 x 18

40 incl. pallet

All boxes are packed on pallets and wrapped before shipment.
A complete XO 4 unit consist of 2–3 pallets each with maximum dimensions:
Maximum length: 165 cm
Maximum width: 80 cm
Maximum height: 190 cm

19 XO 4 units – Preventive service and Consumables

19.1 Preventive service XO 4

A prerequisite for maximum uptime and safety for users and patients is that XO 4 unit be serviced by a certified technician every 12 months after date of installation.
Warranty on XO 4 unit is extended from 12 to 36 months under the condition that preventive service is implemented each 12th month after installation.
XO’s preventive service program for new units is as follows:
A Service including checkup and exchange of parts contained in A service kit – 12 months, 36 months etc. after installation – expected labor: 1.5 hours.
B Service including checkup and exchange of parts contained in B service kit – 24 months, 48 months etc. after installation – expected labor: 3.5 hours.

For units supplied before 2013-05-01 without XO Water Softener, a water softener must be installed for improved uptime and reduced service costs. For this we propose XO’s preventive service program for units without XO Water Softener, as follows:
B1 Service including checkup, installation of XO Water Softener and exchange of parts contained in B1 service kit.
Hereafter, the normal service program is followed – starting with an A service after 12 months.

19.2 Infection control kit XO 4

As a supplement to the compulsory preventive service program, we offer an optional Infection Control Kit for XO 4 (Ref. No. XO-460) that enables dentists to exchange suction hoses, filters, instrument pads and handles.
We suggest that all technicians offer XO-460 to the end user in connection with an A, B and B1 service.