XO training activities are back


It has been exciting and energizing to meet up with many of our XO Partners again - at XO technical training session as well as sales training activities.

We are all holding our breath and crossing fingers, hoping that we will not be locked-down again over the winter months; we plan on meeting up with as many of you as possible - in smaller groups - as much as health authorities allow.


Here are some photo-impressions from very rewardning reunions with partners in both France, at our XO Studio in Berlin, and at the XO Training center in Denmark.


The group of technicians at our tech training i Berlin were:

  • Jan de Buhr and Marvin Zantow from Garlichs

  • Uwe Zakrzewski and Wolfgang Renner from XO Service Center

  • Gerd Werner from Henry Schein Freiburg

  • and Martin Besold and Sascha Hass from van der Ven


Our technician, Jean-Luc Godard, has been touring in the Haute-Savoie region - on a mission to provide training to technicians of our French XO Partners.

At SIGMA NET SANTE a whole ‘football team’ of technicians is now top-tuned to provide world class XO tech-service!

And while Sigma’s technicians were trained in Annecy, a group of Sigma Sales representative came to Denmark for at full day training with Marked Manager Denis Talbot and Samuel Martin.

Much more to come!



Traning in XO Studio in Berlin

Traning in XO Studio in Berlin

Traning at Sigma Net Sante in France

Traning at Sigma Net Sante in France