Presenting a new product to our XO Partners is always a milestone for us. We value their opinion highly and are always eager to get their feedback once they have seen, touched and tried the new product themselves.


In respect of COVID we have been postponing many visits up until now. Therefore, you might imagine our excitement when XO Partners in smaller groups started to arrive at the XO Headquarters in Horsholm, Denmark – firstly from Sweden and Norway; later from the Netherlands, Spain, Poland, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and Austria: All arriving for a detailed introduction to the new XO FLOW unit and a long awaited ‘catch up’ with friends.


Throughout all visits the spirit was high, the Danish warm summer presented great sunshiny days. 


XO FLOW uses digital features like an iPhone

Pawel Bazuik from Esdent was among the first to share his thoughts: “I am very excited. I have been waiting to learn more about this unit. Now, I am completely convinced.



In Pawel’s opinion, the unit’s modern features are an advantage compared to other units: “Younger generation dentists will find it very practical. And this example of a digitalized product is what people are leaning towards more and more. It is very intuitive. Everybody knows what an app is.  XO FLOW is the first dental unit to make use of this opportunity, like the iPhone. It is going to create great excitement, I believe.” 


Vicente Gutiérrez from DENTCIVE in Spain is an experienced XO technical specialist, and he assessed a new product thoroughly. After the XO FLOW unit presentation, he exclaimed with enthusiasm: “I am convinced that Spanish dentists are going to love it. The eagerness for making new, smarter investments surely exists – and DENTCIVE is looking forward to preparing the introduction of XO FLOW at the ExpoDental exhibition in Madrid in the spring of 2022.” 



Is a digital unit primarily for younger dentists?

Not all partners or dentists are ‘digital natives’. So, any new development must be easy to use for all age groups. Our Dutch partner, Jan Croonen, describes himself as much older than digital natives – and not too fond of anything too computerized.


So, how does a digital skeptic respond to a unit like XO FLOW?


Jan said, “I was skeptical before coming here, I must admit. I was discussing with my colleague, Sander Smith, whether this would be yet another example of something very complicated. But this unit is different, I must admit. It is super intuitive”, 


Jan explained that it is the technological solutions and the intuitive interface that make XO FLOW so promising, and Sander Smith agreed by affirming: “We are very excited about these technologic innovations.”



“It’s impressive to see all the innovation”

Martin Willemoe from DAB, Sweden said, “We really like it. It’s awesome!”, while colleague Johan Viper, also from DAB, continued: “It resembles the XO FLEX model, but it is impressive to see all the innovation that you’ve managed to build into the unit itself.” 


After years of development, we are thrilled to get such confident and positive feedback from our dedicated partners. We look forward to offering to the official World Premiere of XO FLOW at IDS in Cologne in September. Also, we look much forward to bring XO FLOW to market across Europe jointly with our XO Partners in the very near future. Stay tuned for more exhibitions and local event throughout the fall of 2021.


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