At IDS 2015 we presented XO DENTAL DIALOGUE – a further development of XO VIP SHOW first introduced at IDS 2013.

XO shares the objectives of the professional dentists – constantly striving for the best working solutions in response to the challenges and requirements of modern dentistry.

At IDS the intention was to create a direct dialogue and interaction between XO and the dentists to enhance possibilities for continuous product improvements and open innovation.
The setting was a closed classroom with an XO manager and a dental team positioned at an XO workstation.


First, the moderators presented assumptions on four major professional objectives in relation to the investment in a dental workstation. The audience rated the assumptions as follows:

Remain healthy 47 %
Perfect treatments 33 %
Good investment 10 %
Calm patients 10 %

This result was pretty much as expected by us and in line with the company’s mission statement: Empowering dentists to perform the very best dental treatments on calm patients, while protecting the dentists' health and finances.


Following, the moderators presented XO’s solutions within each of the four dentist objectives. The audience was very open-minded and participated in the dialogue including suggestions for further improvements.

Finally, the moderators asked the audience in which area XO’s solution added the most value and the result was as follows:

Remain healthy 60 %
Perfect treatments 24 %
Good investment 9 %
Calm patients 7 %


No surprise that ergonomics is still the highest-ranking XO value assumed by dentists. We at XO – and in the past Flex Dental – have always been focusing on this important aspect of dentistry.


It is however remarkable that almost one of four participants ranked perfect treatments highest. For me personally this is very important, as we during the last 2 decades have strived to develop solutions that make it easier for dentists to manage the quality of their work. In the future, I would like to see this – the main reason for investing in a dental workstation – to be the number one ranking XO value. We shall strive to develop our solutions so that most dentists in the future will acknowledge that XO offers the best solution for maximum treatment quality.


Kim Sørensen, CEO