In November 2014 XO CARE A/S has won a tender for supplying 20 XO 4-2 workstations to the Department of Conservative Dentistry, Periodontology and Preventive Dentistry at the University Hospital of the RWTH Aachen University. The hospital management decided to replace the 30 years old units with new workstations based on a completely different treatment concept.


For the first time students at a German dental clinic will be working with the centrally placed instrument bridge. With this system, the dentists can work comfortably in upright position and without straining their back. As a result, dentist and assistant can change instruments without looking away from the mouth of the patient. This saves the dental team more than a 1,000 changes of viewing direction and numerous unhealthy rotational movements per day!

Another important part of the XO CARE’s concept are the individually balanced suspensions of the instruments. As a result, an instrument does not pull and a practitioners maintain their tactile sense. University’s choice was also influenced by the clean and elegant design of XO 4. "I am delighted that the University Hospital has chosen our treatment approach and thus allowing students to learn an ergonomic way of working that enables them to maintain their health" says the CEO of XO CARE Kim Sørensen.


In order to classify the students for the daily courses, the workstations have four different colors - red, orange, blue and gray. Up to two students can share one workstation, therefore up to 32 participants can attend one class. In addition, two training rooms for treating children and laser dentistry were also equipped with XO 4 workstations. The investment in new workstations was done along with the complete renovation of the premises of the department of dentistry which allows the staff and students to enjoy not only a new workspace but also modern dental workstations.