XO CARE units at Dental University in Bern

In January 2018 XO CARE A/S was announced the winner of a tender to supply 40 new dental units for the Dental Clinic at the University of Bern (ZMK Bern).


ZMK is an internationally renowned center for teaching, research and patient treatment, and it offers a wide range of dental education. It is at the top of German-speaking and international dental education rankings, due not only to its great research success but also to its ‘Comprehensive Care Course’ – a special educational method based on deep exchange of knowledge and practice between instructors and students.

Prof. Urs Brägger, who is the head of the dental education program, has told XO:


We found ourselves needing to invest in new dental units. What we were looking for were robust, well designed and easy-to-maintain units. And, after a long period of tests, our committee unanimously concluded that XO CARE products were the best choice. The fact that the students, from day one, can learn how to work in an ergonomic and healthy way is a great benefit.

With XO CARE units, young dentists can work comfortably in an upright position without straining their backs. As a result, they can change instruments without looking away from the patient’s mouth. This saves the dental team more than a 1,000 changes of viewing direction and numerous unhealthy rotational movements per day!


To help create a unique learning environment, the fully equipped XO units have been installed with chairs in four different colors: Sapphire Blue, Fern Green, Mouse Grey and Coral Red.

Christelle Marclay, General manager of Flexdental Services SA - that won the tender and installed all the XO units - says:


This success is a great example of how even the most ambitious projects can be realized when there is good teamwork between the distributor and manufacturer. All the units have been smoothly installed over the course of two weeks! We believe that winning a tender like this is a great investment for the future both for us and XO CARE’.