For more than 65 years we have been designing and manufacturing our dental equipment in Denmark. And we still do so.

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XO CARE: Made in Denmark

For more than 65 years we have been designing and manufacturing our dental equipment in Denmark. And we still do so.

XO CARE: Made in Denmark

For more than 65 years we have been designing and manufacturing our dental equipment in Denmark. And we still do so.

It is at the core of the XO philosophy to deliver reliable, high quality products that are built to last. We ensure this by paying careful attention to detail at each stage of the manufacturing process. From the smallest electronic elements through to the aluminum molds, final paint, assembly and quality testing – we realize our mission: EXTRAORDINARY DENTISTRY.

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Ceropa, Svendborg

With many years of experience and know-how in aluminum casting, Ceropa delivers the most precise and well-finished parts. The parts leaving the factory are always checked for quality and standards.

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Aluminum casting

ceropa_aluminum_polishing_manufacturing_dental_units_denmark_x1 (1)

Parts are hand-polished

Brandt A/S, Varde

Just like XO CARE – Brandt AS is a family owned company. Their long history and use of the newest technologies allow for the highest standards in powder painting. Over the years Brandt has become a go-to place for furniture, automotive and industrial manufacturers looking for premium quality.

Each of the painted parts undergoes a rigorous final color accuracy and quality check.


Elements are first primed by hand


Machine takes care of the second layer of paint

XO CARE, Hørsholm

When the parts reach our main production facility in Hørsholm, our certified quality testers make sure that they look and perform according to the highest standards.

Small parts and elements are manually assembled and prepared for installation.


Incoming parts quality assurance


Small parts are assembled by hand

Elements of the instrument bridge, e.g. circuit boards, are put together and tested before they are mounted on the unit.


Instrument bridge circuit boards assembly


Testing and final assembly

The suspensions and arms of the unit are individually balanced and tested. Everything must be perfected before the unit leaves our factory.

The unit stand is manually assembled, together with all the tubing and electronic parts inside. It takes around 2-3 hours to prepare one unit stand.


Response of the instruments suspensions is tested


The unit stand is manually assembled

All the arms in the unit will be weighted, balanced and tested. The LED lamp must also be tested so that it gives a clear and powerful light without distortion or color aberrations.


Testing the unit arms suspensions

XO_CARE_manufactured_made_in_Denmark (2)

Assembly of the LED lights

The scaler instruments for XO ODONTOSON 360 are famously made of titanium. After they have been shaped in the CNC machine, the tips are bent by hand. Afterwards, each of the tips is stress-tested for a couple of hours.


XO ODONTOSON 360 titanium tips bending


XO ODONTOSON 360 titanium tips bending

XO CARE Certified Quality Inspectors perform the final check of each unit before it leaves the factory. They will disassemble and reassemble all the main parts to make sure that our customers receive only the highest quality products. The final check lasts around 8 hours – it consists of 3 checklists with more than 200 steps.


FInal quality inspection


Final checklist contains more than 200 steps