XO CARE at IDS 2017

IDS takes place in Köln, Germany every second year and is the biggest dental exhibition in the world. This year, IDS attracted some 2,305 exhibitors and more than 155,000 visitors from 59 countries. 


IDS represents a great opportunity for manufacturers to introduce their latest products and solutions, for dentists to the latest trends and for dental industry representatives to network and connect.

When asked about the importance of IDS for their markets, XO Market Managers say:


“Europe’s biggest dental market is Germany, so because IDS also takes place in Germany, many visitors are German and consequently this exhibition is a crucial event for me and my distributors; IDS brings together the entire dental industry, creating a wonderful dynamic” (Ricarda Wichert, DACH)


“In addition to offering a good platform for my distributors to promote our solutions to their clients, IDS is the perfect place to identify potential new distributors from other parts of the world” (Sander Smit, Benelux/Spain/ROW)

“My customers (Denmark, Norway and Sweden) mainly see IDS as a place to get updated about new trends in the industry” (Birgitte S. Andersen, Nordic Countries)


“The XO brand is not very well known in Italy yet so, together with the national exhibition in Rimini, IDS is the perfect place to get some exposure to Italian customers” (Elisabetta Taschini, Italy)

This year, XO CARE introduced its latest unit, XO FLEX. “We chose to call it XO FLEX to pay tribute to the legendary FLEX unit introduced some 45 years ago” says Holger Wentzel Olsen, Managing Director.


From a technical point of view, XO FLEX integrates all the learning accumulated over many years; It is a solid unit. As for the appearance – XO FLEX features a classic Danish design, just like all our other products.

When developing XO FLEX, we focused on creating a unit that would give dentists complete flexibility to conduct extraordinary dental treatments.


XO FLEX allows you to perform the best possible treatments on relaxed patients, while protecting your own health.

XO CARE also used the opportunity of IDS to introduce its ERGONOMY GUIDE. The purpose of this guide is to show how the dental team (dentist + assistant), the patient and the instruments should be ideally positioned to ensure that the practitioners sit, see and work well!


Find more information about XO FLEX here and if you want to order the XO ERGONOMY GUIDE write an email to marketing@xo-care.com.