Flex Integral launched in 1989 was a huge breakthrough in the dental unit industry. It became well known and respected for its novelty and a strong emphasis on dental ergonomics. The XO 4 workstation, released 15 years later, is our most radically redesigned dental workstation yet and it proudly continues the legacy of Flex Integral as the innovation leader. When developing XO 4 we not only wanted to continue providing dentists with the healthiest working environment, but we also wanted to represent other qualities that we identified during our long manufacturing experience. XO 4 is a complete working solution that focuses also on work efficiency, the safety and comfort of patients and enabling dentists to perform the very best dental treatments. Its contemporary design won The Danish Design Prize and its performance is proven by a great amount of dedicated users.




  • Each instrument is balanced individually using a mechanical spring. Instruments weight much less and do not pull. You maintain maximum tactility and you do not experience strains in forearms and wrists.

  • Longer instrument suspensions increase maneuverability of instruments and allow to place the instrument bridge further away from patient’s mouth.

  • Detachable instrument hoses and suspensions are easier to clean and disinfect and further reduce the risk of cross contamination.



  • Up to 6 unit instruments.

  • Integration of XO Osseo and peristaltic pump – high-torque surgical and endodontic motor allows for advanced surgery treatments.

  • Instrument bridge with mechanical spring and disc bearings is much easier to position.

  • Separate water and air supply to unit instruments - more precise adjustment of amount of spray water and completely dry spray air.
  • Instrument programs on XO 4 are managed using XO Smart Link software on an external PC. The software is a perfect multi-user solution that is easy to use and to configure.
  • The shape of XO 4 patient chair prevents patients from sliding off the chair during movement.

  • XO Scuba upholstery with memory foam adjusts to your patients’ body and allows their skin to breath.

  • Patient chair has more space for the dental team’s legs allowing for a comfortable four handed work in positions from 9 – 12 o’clock.
  • Wider, integrated elbow supports prevent your patient’s hands from sliding off the upholstery.
  • XO Daylight’s lamp head can be adjusted along 3 axes allowing to position light beam parallel to the viewing direction.

  • The color rendering of LED light is suitable for color matching.

  • The lamp does not require cooling fan and it operates silently.
  • XO Auto Return suction hose holder allows you to easily grab a suction hose and after using simply release it towards the holder – it will automatically find its way back.
  • 22" XO HD Display on a long articulating arm allows you to show the screen to a supine patient.
  • XO Suction Disinfection has a built in disinfectant dispenser allowing for a much faster and more convenient suction disinfection.
  • Smooth aluminum surfaces are more durable and easier to clean and disinfect. The paint on metal surfaces is antibacterial and further improves asepsis of your working environment.
  • XO 4 takes the same space as Flex Integral.

  • Both units have the same floor connectors therefore XO 4 can be easily installed in the place of Flex Integral.

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