Turning a 1981 clinic into a state-of-the-art family dental center

When Antoine Simon finished dental school in 2008, he joined his father’s practice in the Belgian village Merbes-Le-Château close to the French border. He soon began a journey that changed the original clinic into a state-of-the-art dental center.


Special attention to four-handed dentistry

Charles Simon, Antoine’s father, opened the clinic in 1981 and back then it had everything Charles needed to perform dentistry treatments. But soon after Antoine’s homecoming, they needed more space, and that set Antoine off to improve and expand the clinic with a particular attention to creating optimum conditions for four-handed dentistry. 


He first added a treatment room with a new unit. Then more dentists and dental assistants joined the practice, and he built an annex to serve the expanding staff. 



Now, they were treating approx. 20,000 patients every year. A volume almost unheard of in a rural area like Merbes-Le-Château.


Making four-handed dentistry natural and easy

After discovering the XO universe in 2016, Antoine had no doubts about what dental chairs to choose for the new clinic: “In view of their efficiency, design and quality, we have slowly replaced all of our installations with XO. In our opinion, no other unit on the market can compete with the XO dental chair, especially considering the sufficient space offered for both doctor and assistant.”


One of the main advantages of the XO FLEX unit is the ability to work efficiently in duo which was essential in the clinic expansion. “The ease they bring to four-handed work make them an essential allied. Four-handed ballet can evolve into natural movements,” Antoine explains.



Using premium dental equipment to attract talent

With the increasing patient inflow, Antoine decided to build a completely new dental center with sufficient space and efficient infrastructure to serve as many patients as possible. After months of planning and construction, the Simon family could welcome their patients in the brand-new dental center, Santé Sourire, with six treatment rooms, each fitted with an XO FLEX unit. In addition, Antoine’s wife, Celine, has established a pharmacy next door.




In creating the Santé Sourire clinic, the choice of dental unit has been effective in attracting qualified dental employees. He explains, “According to our dentists, the fact that we worked with XO influenced their choice to come and work with us. They knew the brand and its comfort and quality.”  


For Antoine, the right dental unit was key in creating the dental center he envisioned, and being a financially wise investment, they will be able to use the dental chairs for years to come.


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