Transparent pricing – responses from the market on XO’s new Price configurator



We often hear from dentists who would like to invest in an XO unit but think that it is too expensive. In fact, this very far from the truth. XO units help you make the best possible treatments on safe and calm patients, without compromising the operators' health. Investing in an XO unit provides best possible return of investment while guaranteeing long lasting performance and functionality.



With the introduction of the XO Price configurator, we aim at debunking some of the misconceptions about XO unit pricing and to inspire a new trend of transparent pricing across the dental industry. Using the new XO Price configurator, you can see for yourself that an XO unit is affordable. Keep note of the fact that the prices are suggested retail prices, without costs of installation, freight, and VAT.


From the market the reaction is that our initiative of promoting transparent pricing is very timely - especially in today’s digital age where everybody is scouting for best prices on the Internet when it comes to new clothes, the next vacation or even a dental unit!


We are happy to see that many of our XO Partner are welcoming this initiative, as expressed for instance by Christelle Marclay at Flexdental, Switzerland: ‘It is a good thing to have price transparency. The clients greatly appreciate the possibility to be able to configure their device online and get a good idea about the price level. It is very helpful for them and is a step in the right directions as some other manufacturers have already showcased. We are excited for the future to come!’.



At XO CARE we are happy to be at the forefront of the positive change towards transparent pricing in the dental industry. And we are excited to see the movement of price transparency expanding for the benefit of our customers.


You can try the XO FLEX Price configurator here.