In 1844 French author Alexander Dumas wrote his classic novel ‘The Three Musketeers’ portraying the adventures of Athos, Porthos and Aramis – a chivalrous trio fighting for justice in 17th century France.


At XO CARE, we are fortunate enough to have our own heroic trio of Frenchmen although their goals and aspirations are rather different than the ones of their musketeer counterparts. They use their wide array of technical skills and sales experiences to support and maximize the potential of the French dental market and assist the XO partner network.


Denis Talbot and Samuel Martin in the Sales department and Jean Luc Godard in Technical Service all share a passion for their work. They have all, since their childhood, had a vision of working internationally. Jean Luc and Denis both have been living in Denmark for 30 and 18 years, respectively. Despite, living and working in Denmark for such a long time, they still stay close to their French origins and have always worked for international companies maximizing their multicultural outlook.


The three Frenchmen have previously worked in different kinds of industries before transitioning to the dental market. 



This allows them to bring in a multitude of experience and perspective into their careers within the business of medical devices.


Despite coming from very different walks in life, the three Frenchmen have been united by the interest and passion around design, efficiency, and long-lasting quality. “We were lucky to find all these components reflected within the XO CARE brand and organization”, says Denis. And in turn, XO CARE can greatly benefit from this very special ‘French connection’ to ensure a perfect bridging of any language or cultural differences that might exist between the French market and a Danish company. All help to maintaining an excellent level of communication and cooperation.


But are there any differences or distinct characteristics between the French and the Danish market?


“Notably, the dentists in France are completely abandoning the use of the cuspidor due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the risk of cross-contamination”, explains Denis, Market Manager for Central Europe. “Nowadays the dentist learns to work without it at the dental school, while you in Denmark are still maintaining the use of the cuspidor”.


XO CARE has been inspired not least from these inputs from France to design a new version of the XO FLEX unit without cuspidor; this while maintaining an excellent solution for disinfection of the unit’s water lines.



Who would have known that Dumas’s characters would parallel our very own French team at XO? There are many more adventures ahead of the trio and we are extremely happy to have such personalities as part of our company.