Testing up-coming XO Academy concept exclusive for XO clients


Northern Market Manager Lotte Vaupel has recently had the pleasure of hosting a training session at XO’s premises dedicated to dentists who have recently bought their first XO unit, but are still awaiting to put it to use. Two young dentists were invited by XO Partner Unident Danmark for a ‘deep dive’ into understanding the promise of XO’s integrated treatment solution.


It is part of XO CARE’s mission to enable the best possible customer experience when acquiring a new dental unit. “We wish to ensure that every customer – new and existing – is provided with optimal knowledge about their dental unit thereby enabling them to perform EXTRAORDINARY DENTISTRY based on the four pillars of XO’s philosophy”, explains Lotte Vaupel.



Later this year, XO will launch the XO Academy concept. That is, training sessions tailored to provide participants with insight and expertise on how to offer the best patient experience and to protect the practitioner’s health while at the same time minimizing costs and enhancing professional dentistry.

Dentists Mads Krabbe and Hans Alfred Juel Jensen took part in our first trial of the new training concept. The two partners are owners of two treatment centres situated in Copenhagen and employing eight full-time dentists and six dental hygienists.

Currently, Hans and Mads perform oral surgery, endodontics as well as cosmetic dentistry, while general dentistry takes up the core part of treatments.



Recently they have acquired their first XO FLEX unit and are contemplating the purchase of additional units as they are in process of expanding their dental practice. Focus is set on innovative digital solutions in Hans and Mads’ organisation. They make use of technical solutions that matches XO units in sophistication, such as full digital protocols including intraoral scanners, cone-beam computed tomography systems and digital occlusion analysis.

This is also the reason why both dentists find it highly important to prioritize education of staff in all novelties within dentistry in order for them to stay relevant in today’s dental world.


Hans Alfred Juel Jensen and Mads Krabbe discovered XO CARE’s unique product offering through colleagues in their Danish dental network and have since decided to learn as much as possible about XO’s products before the first unit lands in their clinic.



‘’We are thankful for many new insights and are very positive about everything we learned during the training session” says Mads Krabbe. “The XO technician, Michael Jäger, did an amazing job. We spent some fun and inspirational hours with him, Helga Husted from Unident DK and Lotte Vaupel (…) Now we are looking much forward to make use of all new things learned and to applying it when we unpack our new XO FLEX unit. We are really excited about getting to work on our new XO FLEX unit very soon!’’

XO CARE is looking forward to invite more dental professionals to our upcoming, inhouse training sessions. Stay tuned for more information about the XO Academy concept to launch later this year!