Tandlaegendk dental clinic in Aalborg ''we must be able to do it all''

For dentist Lars Kofoed, the search for a new dental clinic in Aalborg led to a site in the old industrial district of Eternitten, where he felt inspired to manifest his vision.


Eternitten was the home of the now closed Danish Eternit Factory and has been a significant workplace in Aalborg for almost a century. Today, it is a revamped, renewed, lively area that features hip cafes, thriving businesses, homes, and vast green spaces. Lars Kofoed welcomed us for a visit in his new dental clinic in Aalborg, where we discussed the clinic's design, mission, and care for both patients and employees.





"Originally, we had a clinic at Vesterbro in Aalborg, which Tandlægen.dk took over almost a year and a half ago," Lars Kofoed said. "Immediately after, two dentists in the city became ill and were unable to continue working. We took over their patients, and suddenly we had 2,500 new patients and had to hire more staff at a clinic that was built for 10 employees, when we were already 15.  People were queued up in the aisles when they had to pay.


I had to look for new premises and went from around 400 m2 to a clinic with 1100 m2 plus 200 m2 basement. It has become something bigger than expected. The process has been exciting and the clinic is fantastic. "


The spacious premises have allowed a reinvention of the interior, which stands out from what is normally seen at dental clinics. 24 clinic rooms could be made with the number of square meters available, but Lars Kofoed and Tandlægen.dk decided to utilize the space to provide excellent conditions for both the patients and the staff. It was a must for them to have happy and satisfied employees.


It was decided to give every employee their own desk, so they can easily access patient records. In addition, the clinic has a conference room and a large canteen that can also be used as a teaching room. The teaching room can accommodate 100 people and is equipped for live streaming.



"The dream was to offer something that corresponds to a super hospital for dentists, a dental clinic that can offer everything. Today, Tandlægen.dk Aalborg has six dentists, three jaw surgeons, a bite specialist who also makes Smile Design, a good dental technician, and a laboratory. But the clinic is still missing a person who can regulate teeth and an endospecialist so they can perform all types of treatments.”


Regarding the design of the clinic, I didn’t want a dull white clinic. I want it to be homey and cosy; I guess it´s okay to be a bit different. We didn’t want patients to see us as a dental factory, so we are happy for the positive feedback received so far.”


Our space counts with 300 parking spaces; this made a huge difference for our clients. Furthermore, it has easy access and people fall for the design, space, light, and the fact that we can do almost anything in our dental clinic; this is something that attracts patients."



It took almost a year to get from the initial conception of the clinic to its completion. The project was massive, and therefore, it was necessary to involve more people. A skilled interior architect was hired to work on the project and managed to bring out the homey atmosphere that was desired, and an exciting partnership with Tandlægen.dk was established.


"I would never have been able to manage such a project on my own – partnering with Tandlægen.dk  gave me extra support all the way through the project.  Moreover, for the technical calculations, we were assisted by Nordenta.”



The 16 clinic rooms at Tandlægen.dk Aalborg are equipped with new XO 4 units, and that is no coincidence. An XO unit can be used by several dentists and can be easily programmed according to the needs of each dentist. Lars Kofoed also believes that the XO brand matches the clinic’s overall expression.


"I have been working with XO units for many years, and it was a choice from the beginning that we should also have XO here at the clinic. They are reliable, comfortable, pleasant to work [with], and they have everything you need at your fingertips. I have also prioritized that there must be an intraoral camera on all units, and a large screen so that we can use it as information for patients. In addition, XO units have an aesthetic expression; they work well with the design of our clinic. We show that there is good quality and good design right from the dental chair to the waiting room. "



What the future in the dental industry holds, nobody knows. But everything points to the fact that higher flexibility will be required, and at Tandlægen.dk in Aalborg, they are prepared.