Taking the patient view

We spoke to Sofia who has just recently visited one of the Copenhagen-based clinics that perform treatments on XO units, the ABC clinic.

"Having recently moved to a different town, I needed to see a new dentist and it was a bit of a coincidence that I ended up with an appointment at the ABC dentists at Esplanaden in Copenhagen. It was a completely different dental experience compared to what I have tried before. Not only did the clinic exude quality and professionalism, but for me, it actually turned into a kind of luxury-treatment experience. I simply felt really comfortable.

As a patient, I was greeted at the front desk with a very hospitable attitude. This, paired with the astonishing smart design, made me think that I was in for some sort of wellness treatment. I must admit that the very smart design and tasteful interior helped to give an impression of quality; I thought to myself: okay, here are some dentists who are very proud of the business they have built.

The treatment itself also confirmed my assumptions: I received a dental professional treatment that I have not tried before. I felt good and very professional hands. Everything was explained to me and above all, I felt safe and completely relaxed. In fact, I have never tried to feel this way before when I have visited a dentist. It was a whole new and very positive experience as a patient to feel so well taken care of.

Afterward, I came to think of the whole aspect around quality and guarantee of correct dental treatment. Actually, as a patient, you have no idea what to expect and which quality criteria to look out for when being treated by a dentist.

I know now that the experience of customer care, good taste and professionalism I was met with at the ABC clinic somehow guarantees dental professional quality. I would advise others to also be on the lookout for these qualities if they do not already have a dentist, they feel comfortable with” advises Sofia.

“The testimony from Sofia makes me happy”, says Michael Jäger, XO Field Sales and Service Specialist.

“It has been a great joy working with our XO Partner, Unident, assisting in the technical planning of this remarkably smart clinic in the heart of Copenhagen. Apparently, the comprehensive design efforts at the ABC Clinic have paid off well”, Michael concludes.