SYNO is located in the heart of Zurich’s financial district. It is always hectic and busy around here, so one can really appreciate the serene atmosphere of the clinic. It is hard not to be affected by the harmony and positive energy of Dr. Alexandra Holst and her team.

Dr. Alexandra's dental background is quite impressive – she started her practice after several years as an academic, having been awarded her PhD in 2009, and continues to act as an adjunct professor at the University of Erlangen. Her professionalism is matched by her positive attitude and energy. And as she speaks 5 languages, everyone has the opportunity to experience her unique attitude.

SYNO’s power team is completed by dental hygienist Jennifer Kistler and dental assistant Sabine Schmidt.


The patients really welcome the situation of the practice. Because of the big windows surrounding the treatment rooms and reception, natural light fills the space, bringing a feeling of freshness and healthy balance.

There is a beautiful consistency in the way that the space is designed – the colors are muted, with a lot of greys, silvers and greens. And then there is a text filling the entire wall behind the reception that adds a layer of energetic dynamism.

"XO was always the best match for my vision. Because of the quality and great design, I always knew that this was the unit I wanted. Also, my patients really appreciate the comfort of the patient chair. From an ergonomics perspective, I love the leg space that XO gives me. In the past I was really struggling with the fact that I could never position myself close enough to both the patient and the unit. With XO it’s just so easy.




Dr. Alexandra works almost 100% digitally – which on top of other advantages means no more plaster models filling up countless cabinets. "We don’t have to store the models anymore, which is a great saving when it comes to space. I can communicate with both my patients and technicians using digital images – and this makes the whole process simple, fast and most importantly, very transparent."


While we talked about digital orthodontics and the pros and cons of the newly established technology, Dr. Alexandra admits that there are still elements that could work better. The biggest challenge is the tools and systems, which are not always compatible with each other. Also, there are still not enough technicians who have shifted towards digital methods.

Yet, according to Dr. Alexandra, there is really no alternative to the new technologies and it is crucial to start using them from the beginning. She is convinced that even if not perfect, the new way of working brings much more opportunity than trouble. "I love trying new things and this is certainly a new field for me. But since my practice is quite new, I have more opportunities to learn and become better with the tools. By the time the whole system works perfectly, I will also know it by heart."