Safety and comfort in the dental clinic - in the point of view of a dental nurse


Trine Høgsbro works as a dental nurse at Praxis Vedbæk in Denmark where she has enjoyed working with XO units over the past many years. Trine has had a chat with Nordic Market Manager, @Lotte Vaupel about the benefits of using XO units, as well as a discussion about some challenges she encounters daily as a dental practitioner.  Working at the clinic, Praxis, makes Trine a busy lady in charge of many tasks, coordination and overview of many daily procedures.



But regardless of pressure from a great many assignments, Trine remains enthusiastic about her working life at the clinic. “I truly enjoy my job”, she says. “I have my own patient treatments, receptionist assignments, and especially I love working with the intraoral scanner and print solutions. Apart from this, she is also responsible for administration and oversight of all training processes of the dental nurse students undergoing internship training at the clinic.     



“Having different kinds of responsibilities in the clinic gives me the possibility to improve my clinical skills overall”, says Trine and admits that she is unwilling to give up any of her many tasks; Despite a big workload she enjoys doing all of the various tasks. “Challenges? – Yes, I am perhaps too busy; my problem is that I cannot say no”, Trine says smilingly.   


Trine has a very professional approach when it comes to patient comfort and treatment. She has a lot of praise to give to XO’s units – both in the form of comments received from her patients reacting positively to their experience of comform. But also, because Trine herself finds it very easy to work with the XO unit. As she describes it:  “I take pride in making sure that I have plenty of time to take care of my patients and that they feel comfortable. XO units provide exactly that kind of comfort for the patients that I think they deserve. My patients always comment on the look and softness of the unit. And as for my own extensive experience in working with XO unit I must say that it is super easy to operate, it is very good quality and has a fantastic timeless design.’’ 



On comment, in particular, goes to the ergonomic features of the XO chair design:“I have worked with XO units for many years and sitting on the XO seat (the saddle chair) makes the long patient treatments so much easier for me.’’ Also, the daily cleaning and disinfection of XO units is super easy, says Trine.


“The fountain I put in the dishwasher and the cleaning and disinfection of the unit suction is easily self -adjusted. “The latter being especially important these days as Trine highlights: ‘’In these Covid19 times I personally get tested serval times a week, and I put a lot of effort in making sure that all staff work strictly according to the safety protocols in order to make sure that all dental pracititioneers and not least our patients stay protected.’’    


We are grateful for this positive customer feedback and are looking forward to receiving more feedback or comments.


Thank you, Trine – stay EXTRAORDINARY!