Perfect healing and faster treatments



Cutting or excavating soft tissue is a daily procedure for most dental professionals. One of the most time-consuming elements of those treatments is managing bleeding and maintaining clear vision.


Esben Kardel, owner of the dental clinic Mikkels Tannhus in the historical center of Oslo, Norway, has used XO ODONTOSURGE for cutting and excavating soft tissue since he graduated in 2000. With the XO ODONTOSURGE, Esben can make incisions with little or no bleeding and offer the patients perfect healing and faster treatments.



Many dentists use diode lasers, and Esben once decided to compare the two methods. The outcome was clearly in XO ODONTOSURGE’s favor.


“I like the XO ODONTOSURGE much better since the investment is much lower, and it’s faster to use both in setting up and to actually perform the work. With the XO ODONTOSURGE, you don’t have to worry about touching the tooth either. I also tested the healing time on some patients and couldn’t see any difference in the healing. So, with all this in mind, I’d rather have an XO ODONTOSURGE by each dental unit in the clinic than invest in one laser”, Esben explains.



Saves time and performs better

The ability to provide clear sight and provide better treatments are some of the things that make Esben recommend XO ODONTOSURGE. He says, “There are so many treatments that you can save a lot of time on – and do better – by using XO ODONTOSURGE. Also, my patients have no issues when I use it. There is almost no smell at all if the suction is used nearby, but most importantly, there is little or no bleeding. Often the patients are surprised by how fast they heal and that there has been very little or no pain afterward.”



For Esben, XO ODONTOSURGE is part of what he considers essential equipment in the clinic. He explains, “In my daily practice, I use it whenever I have caries that goes subgingivally, and it is difficult to keep it dry, and the gingiva is bleeding. Then it is perfect to use the XO ODONTOSURGE, and I can easily keep the cavity dry and make a sufficient filling. I use the same principle when I do deeper subgingival preparations. I also use it whenever I do crown lengthening, all kinds of gingiva corrections, tunneling of molars, when there is a grade 3 furcation involvement, and as well as a frenectomy.”




Ergonomic and user-friendly

Providing a healthy working environment is a key concern at the Mikkels Tannhus clinic, and XO ODONTOSURGE is both ergonomic and user-friendly.


Esben explains, “I like the handpiece. It is ergonomically very good and gives a tactile sense. I like that there is no foot pedal since the handpiece has the on/off switch. I have tried others with foot pedals, but I don’t like it with the extra cable and set-up time. It is also very user-friendly, and it is very fast to prepare for use. There is no calibration since it does this by itself and it only has two buttons. The electrodes can be changed very fast, and there are many variations. Cleaning is also done easily and quickly.”


Using intraoral scanner after treatments with XO ODONTOSURGE

Using an intraoral scanner after an incision can be a challenge because of the bleeding. However, Esben finds that the XO ODONTOSURGE makes it a lot easier.


“If you have a little piece of gingiva that don’t want to stay away from the preparation, you can easily take it away with the XO ODONTOSURGE, so the scanner gets a clear sight. And because there is little or no bleeding after the use of the XO ODONTOSURGE, you can scan straight after”, Esben says.



Esben continues, “If you do the incision right with the XO ODONTOSURGE, you will also have the gingiva grow back. Especially when there are deep subgingival preparations, the use of XO ODONTOSURGE makes it much easier to scan. I always scan even the deepest subgingival preparations, and part of the secret of being able to do this is the XO ODONTOSURGE.”


New upgraded version of XO ODONTOSURGE now available

Since XO ODONTOSURGE was developed in 1977, it has been upgraded several times to keep up with evolving requirements in dental treatment procedures. Recently it has been upgraded once again.


Now, it has tactile buttons with click feedback, i.e., mechanical switches, and over-temperature protection of electronics has been added.


Find out more about the product XO ODONTOSURGE here.


Case study example

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