We are in the very heart of Brescia - the “Lioness of Italy”, inside a beautifully restored, historical building – Palazzo Manzoni. The palace is now hosting a modern and highly professional clinic, where past and present is connected with good taste and simplicity. The clinic is famous for offering a variety of health services ranging from dentistry and oral surgery, aesthetic medicine and rehabilitation to general and vascular surgery, including a Day Surgery unit and a Day Hospital.


The person behind the concept is Dr. Michele Jacotti, member of CAI Academy (Computer Aided Implantology) and SICOI (Italian Society of Oral Surgery and Implantology). When asked about the idea that lead to the creation of the clinic, he says:


Palazzo Manzoni is the unification of two realities, mine and Doctor Motta’s, a plastic surgeon. Our idea is to provide a unique structure, at least in this area of Italy, where patients can find satisfaction. Patients are always our focus: we want to create a team of highly skilled professionals, for all the disciplines we are interested in, always aiming to offer the highest possible service in each profession.

Dr. Jacotti is a true professional – always striving to develop and grow. He has gained a degree in Dentistry at Milan University, and since 1992 he has devoted his professional activity solely to implantology and implant prosthesis. He is a regular speaker at courses and conventions and has written articles in both national and international journals. He is the author of the book “3D Block Technique”


Dr. Jacotti says:


My main activity is oral surgery, but I am also very dedicated to research and innovation. 12 years ago I developed the first system – called 3D Block, dedicated to the modeling of bone grafts on sterile prototypes, re-modeling of human bone. Later on, I patented a system of driven surgery. I always performed the clinical surgery activity with a particular focusing on technology: from the use of CAD, to the development of digital images to facilitate the activity.

Dr. Jacotti shares his huge experience in implantology and surgery with other dental professionals through the courses that are being organized in the training center located on the top floor of Palazzo Manzoni. Both national and international teachers are invited to lecture in variety of subjects on theoretical and practical level, where thanks to an audio-visual technology participants can practice new techniques and witness live surgeries.

About his most important work values Dr. Jacotti says:


Certainly to well nurse my patients. The patient has to feel we take care of him, from the reception, to the treatment, to the further checks. Patient is the focus of our structure: I like to see happy patients coming to the visit, not scared or terrified, but comfortable in the hope, or almost in the certainty, that their problems will be solved.


Every fulfilled and satisfied professional has some plans for the future – when asked about his further goals Dr. Jacotti tells us:


My goal is…to never stop. I started 20 years ago, trying to always develop and improve. Now I organized this new structure: the goal is to make it 100% proficient. We just moved to Palazzo Manzoni a few months ago and it’s not yet perfectly structured. We wish to keep on growing, working on optimization and aiming to always do better. I am always looking for a new motivation. Just to reach a standard is not enough; we should always try to improve ourselves.

Striving for professional perfection and development can be influenced by the decisions which concern the choice of equipment. Asked about what is important when investing in a new workstation Dr. Jacotti answers:


It’s very important to take in consideration the quality perceived by the patient, because a patient is aware of what he sees. And it’s important to have equipment that can guarantee reliability on a long term, not creating problems and not putting you in unpleasant situations. And, what is essential, the ergonomics: we spend 10-12 hours per day sitting at the workstation, and being in an uncomfortable position could create serious physical troubles. It’s better to look for a valuable solution and sometimes invest a little bit more, but be satisfied [with a product] in a long run.


Dr. Jacotti has been working on workstations manufactured by XO CARE since 1991, and we are proud of being a part of his success. Last year he exchanged his Flex Integrals to six XO 4 workstations.