How do you set up a dental practice as a young dentist? And what insights can give young dental practitioners a head start? That’s just some of the topics covered at the OPTI SummerSchool in Germany held every year by OPTI Health Consulting – and with XO CARE being a strategic partner since 2020. Among other, XO CARE is every year sponsoring the participation of 5 aspiring dentist who win a free seat at this sought-after week-long training course.


During the OPTI SummerSchool, senior experts from the industry share their experience and knowledge with next-generation dentists, thereby enabling them to set up their first dental practice where they may become excellent performers of dentistry.



This year, Karsten Priehn, dentist and clinic owner, on behalf of XO CARE was lecturing on the important focus on ergonomics and how XO units help dentists keep a healthy work position during treatments.


“As a dentist, the most important parts are my hands, back and neck. If I suffer any pain or damage in this area, I’m done. So, sitting upright and optimizing my posture during treatment is my main concern besides working for my patients in a perfect way, and I think the XO concept allows me to optimize my posture the way I need,” says Moritz Bock, SummerSchool participant and one of the five winners of the XO CARE-sponsored scholarships for OPTI SummerSchool.





“You get fewer problems, and that’s what got me”

The importance of a healthy working environment stood out for the participants. Felix Pauli, another SummerSchool participant and XO CARE scholarship winner, says: “When I think about getting my own business, I would probably choose an XO unit. The hanging instruments and the good patient position is perfect, and you don’t have to flex your body to the sides. I heard about many dentists getting headaches from working with their units, and the XO unit is more flexible, and you get fewer problems, and that’s what got me.


The OPTI SummerSchool continues to be a hub for future dental entrepreneurs, and XO CARE is proud to bring our experience in ergonomics to young German dentists. 



Collaborating with OPTI Health Consulting on sharing our knowledge within the field of high-quality dentistry, we can help young professionals with comprehensive advice on a range of topics concerning practice setup.


For the young dentists in Germany, the SummerSchool is a sought-after event, and Felix Pauli sums up why: The OPTI SummerSchool is great! I love the place, perfect rooms, great spa and excellent presenters and lessons. We get a lot of inspiration for building our own business.”


See the video with two participants and XO scholarship winners here.

Find out more about OPTI SummerSchool here (in German)