Meet the XO Customer Service team


Who are at the other end of the line, when you are in dire need of a critical spare part, or in doubt about filling in the XO FLEX order form? Ready to answer your call or email are Karen, Jette and Lone!


”We regard ourselves as the most critical asset to the company”, is the laughing answer from all three when asked about the special contribution provided by the customer service team.


“Imagine that you as an XO Partner is being contacted by a distressed dentist who’s unit has shot down for some reason. Any minute counts in the dental clinic. And the XO Partner knows that.


This means that the sooner we can provide the partner with a solution, the better.


Therefore, jointly with the XO Technical Service team, we aim to ensure for instance that fastest possible delivery of a critical spare part - typically a printed circuit board (PCB)”, explains Karen. “Close collaboration and support to our XO Partners is of critical importance to ensure best end-customer satisfaction,” all agree.



Another example is the selection of items from the comprehensive XO FLEX order form.


“To some it appears to be like a jungle”, says Jette. “I take pride in guiding any of our partners through the list of everything from upholstery to instruments, making sure that all purchase requests are in complete compliance with the end-customer demand.”


Lone, who oversees Repair & Returns, has one or two stories to add. Her experiences span from receiving just a screwdriver in a box; or return goods from a completely different dental brand. But not long ago at Christmas someone by mistake returned a shipment of cheese! “That was obviously a mistake”, Lone says with a smile, “but I can always think of a positive way to reply to a customer requesting assistance; there is always a solution to be found by way of a friendly email or direct communication.”



What if …

When asked if there have ever been occasions when no immediate help or assistance could be provided, one experience comes to mind about a customer wanting animal print for her unit.  


“We do not have such specific items in stock. As a matter of fact, we at XO CARE pride ourselves on delivering products that are smart and looks elegant and animal print is unfortunately not to be found within our assortment”, explains Karen. “Take a look instead at the Color configurator on our website”, Jette adds, “to see for yourselves the nice selection options.”



Multi-lingual service

Jette is the primary person to reach out to if you prefer to place your request in French or any of the other Latin languages. Whereas it is Karen who primarily takes care of communication with our German and Scandinavian speaking XO Partners. But all requests can be address to everyone in the customer service team who will make sure that you are well taken care of.



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