Improving ergonomics in dental clinics


Ergodent’R delivers training program at Omnium Dentaire

Unfortunately, neck, back, shoulder and hand pain aren’t uncommon in dentistry. Repetitive movements, strained postures and sustained muscular contractions are too often a part of dental practitioners’ everyday life. This puts them at risk for musculoskeletal disorders due to the nature of their work. The key to prevent this is ergonomics.



Ergodent’R - represented by Cedric Dumesge - a respected dental ergonomics advisor, had invited 12 dentists and assistants to a training day in ‘Ergonomics around the dental chair’ hosted at the premises of XO partner Omnium Dentaire in Bordeaux.  During the training, the attendees learned how to design and organize their dental workspaces and work procedures to minimize unnecessary strain. Such improvements may in addition increase workplace safety and efficiency and avoid health risks while delivering quality care and treatment.



The XO FLEX unit is being used in most of Ergodent’R’s ergonomics workshops because of its ability to assist practitioners in optimum working postures and workflows. It’s a seal of approval when an ergonomics expert like Ergodent’R chooses XO FLEX as the preferred dental unit, and the attendees’ reactions were equally positive at this event in Bordeaux.



All agreed that XO FLEX was very user-friendly and highly ergonomic. It was found easy to position the patient, and to maintain optimal work postures and to protect one’s own occupational health, meanwhile performing extraordinary dentistry.