In Germany’s Upper Middle Rhine Valley, where Moselle joins the Rhine, XO Partner Bruns und Klein Dentalfachhandel GMBH offers a wide range of consumables and instruments from well-known manufacturers to dentists, orthodontists and dental laboratories.


Recently, they created a new XO FLEX showroom at their premises.

XO CARE met up with the team for a full day of training to update them on the latest XO training materials, but also to find out what they think about the unit.


The feedback was uplifting. According to the team members, XO CARE has the best installation concept compared to all available units on the market. It was particularly the lean and functional design of the XO FLEX unit, that was found to be impressive. Also the very robust system with an impressively low failure rate was given praise. Another benefit, being highlighedt by the team, is the easy access to replacement of parts which makes maintenance of the XO FLEX simple and straightforward.




Mr Keßler, CEO at Bruns und Klein, is just as enthusiastic as his team about the benefits that XO FLEX offers dentists and dental assistants.

Bruns und Klein now use the XO CARE concept to help their clients perform outstanding dentistry; To support dentists to work in the most efficient and ergonomic manner is what Bruns und Klein finds very exciting.


After the training day, the Bruns und Klein Service Technicians and Sales team know practically every little feature and detail of the XO FLEX, enabling them to offer outstanding support and maintenance service when setting up or modernizing a dental practice. This allows them to provide punctual delivery, outstanding solutions and reliable service to dentists, orthodontists and dental laboratories in their region.