French visit at XO headquarters


On a warm and sunny day in September, representatives from Groupe VYV from France visited the XO headquarters in Denmark. Specially within dental care, VYV runs 160 dental centers in seven different areas of the country with approx. 1.200 employees.


During their visit, the VYV team met Kim Sørensen, CEO and Chief Designer of XO CARE, who introduced them to all XO products and the philosophy behind the aspiration to empower dentists to perform extraordinary dentistry.


The group also visited the production plant and spoke with the designers and software engineers who took part in the development of the new digital XO FLOW unit. Especially the user interface is a feature, which the XO development team have worked intensely on perfecting. Hence, the visitors received an elaborated presentation on the innovative use of workflows: a new feature that is not seen in any other unit on the market today.


Making it easier to comply with new hygiene requirements

One of the changes we see in the dental sector is stricter hygiene requirements. Also, more dental clinics increase the number of treatment rooms so that once a dentist has completed a treatment in one room, he or she can continue a new treatment in another room while the first room is being cleaned and disinfected.



This makes operation more efficient, but it also requires more treatment rooms. One way of achieving this cost-effectively is creating more but smaller treatment rooms at the existing premises.


The need for a cabinet in most treatment rooms

The shift towards more compact treatment rooms and highest possible hygiene standards reflects on the requirements of a dental treatment room. Smaller treatment room size and cleaning needs were other topics discussed with the VYV team, when presenting the XO WORKTOP – a new and elegant piece of furniture that can effectively meet the needs for efficiency and minimum storage withing the treatment rooms.


The obvious advantage of the XO WORKTOP is the compact size. This makes it easy to fit into smaller treatment rooms, and it has the practical upside of being easy and quick to clean.


It was great having the VYV team visiting, and after the COVID-19 travel restrictions, it's great to welcome visitors at our facility again.


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