EXTRAORDINARY XO Press Event at IDS 2019

At this year’s IDS congress in Cologne, Germany, XO CARE had invited media representatives to an exclusive IDS press event. We were happy to receive a great number of interested participants and to see the fantastic media coverage that followed.


This year our press conference started in a quite unexpectedly fashion. Ricarda Wichert (XO Regional Sales Manager for DACH region) and PR specialist Birgit Jaretz invited the audience to join the presentation while…facing the wall of our IDS classroom. In the meantime, there was a movie being screened on a big screen to the right. The topic of this year’s presentation was FOCUS.


The participants were repetitively asked to look at the screen and then shift their gaze back at the presenters. In a nutshell, this showed them the basic struggle that many dentists face in their everyday work – the constant shift of focus – and the tiredness that this brings to their eyes.


During our press presentation, we showed the participants how XO CARE solutions help focus on the work in the oral cavity and allow dentists to manage the unit, unit instruments, patient chair, light etc. with the foot control.  They maintain focus on the treatment as they don’t need to look away to reach the unit instruments. These are placed over the patient’s chest within the peripheral field of vision of the dentist and the dental assistants.

We were excited to see that the philosophy and values promoted by XO CARE met with a wide understanding and were followed by numerous publications in German press both on- and offline:


ZWP Online


Qunitessenz News