Dr Dan Levy is an implantology specialist with more than 30 years’ experience. He lives and practices in Persan, around 50 km north of Paris. His large clinic includes an implant lab and is staffed by 28 people. Dr Levy combines his dental job with teaching at universities and hospitals. From Persan, we then take you to picturesque Grenoble, where we meet Dr Sacha Yalicheff, who specializes in implantology and dental aesthetics. Here, in the shadow of the Alps, he runs a renowned dental clinic together with his partner.




Born in Morocco, Dr Levy came to France to study and began his career in 1988. From the very beginning, he chose XO CARE dental units.

He started working in the north of France because this region had more work opportunities. Covering a region of about 50 km allowed him to create an important dental center specializing in implantology.

'I started as a general dentist and then discovered implantology and really focused on it. Of course, my patients sometimes need an implant and sometimes a treatment, so I practice some general dentistry as well, but I have a bigger focus on implantology.


Today in my clinics there are always seven dentists, most of whom were once my students, including my own son. They are mainly specialized in general dentistry and basic surgery, leaving implantology and the most complicated surgical procedures to me'.


Dr. Levy has been a teacher for many years. Today, he is director of the EM in the 3rd cycle of implantology and maxillofacial surgery at the Rothschild Hospital in Paris.


His clinic, located in a renovated traditional French villa, is very impressive. Dr. Levy himself took care of the decoration and the layout of his dental offices, which he imagined taking into account the ergonomics he wanted and the demands imposed by his daily work (need for efficiency, well-being of patients etc.).

XO CARE units were an ideal choice to complete the vision of Dr Levy. As he describes them:


'These units are perfectly robust because they almost never have any downtime. If you add the extraordinary ergonomics and the fact that everything is managed with the foot – water, speed, light – it is simply amazing!

The software is flawless, and on top of that, we have the perfectly balanced instruments – so light to use. And, of course, its Danish origin!'


Dr. Levy has his own dental laboratory that employs 10 dental technicians. In total, he manages 28 employees. His patients come from all over France as well as from abroad. The Internet helps him a lot in his preparations for surgery – especially as the patients don’t have to be present for the first part of the treatment – they can establish first contact on-line and then decide on the right strategy according to their needs.





Originally from Grenoble, Dr Sacha spent some years practicing and learning his craft in both Lyon and Dijon. He started working in his own clinic in 2012. It is housed in a beautiful 19th century building, where dr Yalicheff has tried to preserve the charm while creating a modern dental office that promotes the best possible patient experience.


'We didn’t want to have a “cold” clinic, we really tried to keep a “warm” and welcoming entrance area and reception desk, while for the treatment rooms we focused more on the technical and hygienic side. I think that we managed to obtain a nice contrastfor example, with the waiting room and the choice of XO CARE units, which with their modern style create a contrast with the mosaics on the floor and the old-fashioned décor of the ceilings'.

The clinic staff consist of three dentists, five assistants and one dental technician. On top of the two treatment rooms, there is also a dedicated surgery room. The dentists split the different tasks. Dr Yalicheff works mainly in implantology and prothesis on implants, while his partner performs general dentistry.


XO CARE units were installed in the clinic in 2012 and were exactly what the dentists had in mind. When looking for the perfect unit, Dr Yalicheff thought about following three criteria:


'I would say that the first criterion is design, because the unit is the central element that attracts the attention of the patient when they enter the room. Then the second one is the ergonomics of work, because we work with the unit all day long. Therefore, it is important for our necks and backs and for the health of our assistants. And the third criterion is the patients’ comfort – because in our clinic everything is done to make the patients feel good'.


When I work with my XO unit, these are the first three things that I deeply appreciate: the positioning of the patient, which for me is the ideal position to work ergonomically and safely; the central placement of the instrument bridge and the way the instruments are divided, which creates a very nice flow; and finally, the hygiene and disinfection system integrated in the XO CARE unit, which is very practical, in particular, for my assistants'.