Trainer of Trainers in ergonomy at the ZMK Bern


XO CARE has been hosting the first Trainer of Trainers Day focusing on the concept of ergonomy in dental practice, at the Dental Clinic of the University in Bern (ZMK Bern).


ZMK Bern is an internationally renowned center for teaching, -research and patient treatment, and it offers a wide range of dental education. It is at the top of German-speaking and international dental education rankings, due not only to its great research success, but also to its ‘Comprehensive Care Course’ – a special educational method based on deep exchange of knowledge and practice between instructors and students.


The ZMK Bern has over 40 XO FLEX dental units in their educational center. This allows their students to learn the grips of working in an ergonomically correct and healthy way, as it is being promoted by XO CARE.



Dr. Karsten Priehn was invited as trainer of the three chief dentist teaching at the institute; the overall objective being that students will be given the very best instructions in how to protect their occupational health, as part the ‘dental toolbox’ they receive while being educated at ZMK Bern. As in the point of view by Dr. Priehn, “it is an enormous advantage for dental students to gain their primary learning experience from working with the Basic Concept 3 dental units from the very beginning of their professional career”.


The first Trainer of Trainers Day also marks the launch of a new strategic initiative - namely to create a competence center for ergonomy in dentistry, which otherwise all too often is given a second priority in the curriculum at many dental universities.


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