Dr. Torsten Wegner: The secret to lessening dental anxiety

Discover a modern dental clinic where perfect design flow and personal attention come together to allow patients to relax during the most varied dental treatments.


Dr. Torsten Wegner is a dentist located in Hamburg, Germany. He owns a beautiful and modern dental clinic, where organic forms, perfect flow and personal attention come together to allow patients to relax during the most varied dental treatments.



Dental anxiety, or dental phobia, is a well-known problem for those working in dentistry. According to the British Dental Health Foundation, 36% of the population don’t see a dentist regularly because of this fear.


Dr. Wegner took these matters seriously when he built his clinic in Hamburg. He chose a design where the rooms are semi open and allow patients to hear each other. The goal was to give patients the feeling that they are not alone.


“Many told us that we were going to fail, that you can´t have a dental clinic that is open, but actually people feel more comfortable in our clinic because of its openness. They often say that if no one closes the door, bad things can´t happen, so they actually feel more relaxed.”



Besides having the opportunity to enjoy a well-appointed room that is characterized by symmetry and clean design, patients also enjoy first class service, as Dr. Wegner regularly greets his patients at the door.


Meeting patients before they enter the treatment room is an excellent technique for learning whether they suffer from any kind of anxiety.


In fact, the greeting is an important element for calming down patients, and it also helps to build a relationship of trust, even before the treatment starts.



To remain in perfect synchrony with the architecture flow and standards of his clinic, Dr. Wegner needed a unit with the right design.


“When I saw the XO unit, I thought: I want that, it´s beautiful, it´s pure design, and it reminded me of Jacob Jensen Design.”


Jacob Jensen Design is in fact the designer behind the XO unit, and XO CARE won the Danish Design Award with the XO 4 in 2007.


“My first impression of the unit was of course connected to its design, says Dr. Wegner, but after learning about good ergonomics and dentist productivity, I understood that the XO units are made for extraordinary dentists, so it changed the way I work.”



“It takes some time to get accustomed to the XO unit, to learn how to work with the patient in a perfect, ergonomic position, but once you do, you will never leave this unit.”


The XO unit allows the dentist to perform treatments without having to look away from the patient ­– you don´t need to bend, everything you need is in front of you.


“Furthermore, the XO unit allows you to park the instruments to the side so the patients will never see the instruments. This was just a bonus to my design choice.


There is no other unit on the market that could fit our clinic and our needs like the XO unit does, you work better and have the most relaxed patients.”


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