In a 12th century castle in Westerburg, Westerwald we find one of the oldest and most professional dental training centers in Germany. Westerburger Kontakte and the associated dental practice is founded and headed by the world renowned Dr. Diether Reusch.


Westerburger Kontakte is a pioneer within postgraduate dental education in Europe. The high-tech teaching and learning environment with its own phantom and operating rooms enables live interventions, which are most vital for maximum learning efficiency.


Dr. Reusch has been working as a dentist since 1973 and running his new own practice since 1993. He is an author of numerous publications and a books - for example " Rekonstruktion von Kauflächen und Frontzähnen” [Reconstruction of anterior teeth and occlusal surfaces]. Together with ZA Feyen and Prof. Slavicek, he developed the “Reference Articulator System” (Gamma dental). He is a member of many renowned dental associations like DGAZ, EDA, DGFDT. On top of that, Dr. Reusch’s dental practice is accredited to lecture and research on behalf of University of Greifswald and to lecture with Goethe University Frankfurt.

In addition to excellent skills as a dentist, Dr. Reusch has a continued interest in scientific work. Back in 1982, together with four dentists and a dental technician, he created a small training institute with the vision to expand perspectives of dentistry, discuss, exchange and implement what they have learned while working on patients. They created Westerburger Kontakte – a training institute for dentists, dental assistants and dental technicians, conducted in small groups of 12 to 14 participants. Due to the contribution of charismatic teachers, the courses offered by Westerburger Kontakte has been praised for its professional, hands-on approach and a fast learning curve.

A story of Dr. Reusch and XO began back in 1993: When I planned the design of my practice, I wanted to furnish it in the most ergonomic way. At that point, I came across Flex Dental (now XO CARE) from Copenhagen, who was a pioneer within development of user-friendly and ergonomic dental units. With a perfect workstation like XO is it possible to work in the most effective way. It is also important that you can create a calm environment for the patient, which is the only thing a patient can really judge during the treatment.


If we are looking into the future, the trend will change with focus on efficient duo work and cost saving solo performance as practitioners and clinics need to think about their staff and rental costs. With XO 4 you are able to work perfectly in a 3 x 3,5m room and you save on the lease. You are able to switch between solo und duo work. If you do endodontic treatments ond the master preparation technique you won’t need an assistant for full three hours.


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