While Dr. Shafé’s practice opened not long ago in July 2016, it has already gained a reputation for being a ‘clinic with heart’ among Berliners, and we were very curious to see why. Upon meeting Dr. Shafé, we could immediately tell that the dentist’s warmth and energy plays a large part in this. However, it was clear that the clinic itself is also crucial.


Dr. Shafé’s practice is located in the heart of Charlottenburg, near Savignyplatz, and blends in smoothly with the surrounding art galleries, restaurants, bars, cafes and jazz clubs. Tasteful decorations and warm lighting support the unique, intimate atmosphere. It is an example of vision and perseverance working together to generate a truly extraordinary result.



The first two years after I finished my studies were crucial to me. I worked in a very small practice not far from Charlottenburg. The hands-on experience I got while facing everyday dental problems was extremely valuable, but what I appreciated most was the personal approach with the focus on quality. Unlike in some of the big clinics, where things are happening fast and in a rush, I choose to really spend the right amount of time with my patients.


Afterwards, when I had the chance to work in a much bigger clinic and experienced the pressure of choosing quantity over quality, I decided that it wasn’t what I wanted for myself – I really want to deliver the best possible experience for my patients.


After 5 years of gathering knowledge and dental experience, Dr. Shafé decided to open his own clinic. Initially, he was hoping to buy a clinic that was already on sale, but this approach went against his inner need – to do things his own way, all the way through.


I believe in my way of working, always trying to make things perfect and staying true to my values. I believe that my patients can see the difference and appreciate it.


And so far this approach seems to work very well – after only 5 months his schedule is fully booked.

Design with feeling


I can totally understand why people might be afraid of the dentist – many of them have simply had bad experiences in the past and then associate fear with a dental visit.


Dr. Shafé’s approach is to counter this fear with the cosiest and safest atmosphere possible. This is evident in each part of the clinic, from the waiting area to the treatment rooms. He decided not to hire interior designers or architects, but to trust his own feelings and vision for the place.

Wood, concrete and bricks are the main elements used in its unique interior design. Its beating heart is the reception area, where the counter is constructed from light wood and anthracite-coloured concrete, drawing on the unique feeling associated with natural elements.


The warm LEDs, integrated between the wood panels, give an aura of lightness and allow the counter to ‘float’ in space. Above the counter hang concrete-and-copper lamps made by Dr. Shafé’s friend. These are often the object of curious looks from both patients and passers-by.


In the waiting area, patients are welcomed with minimalist furniture and birch tree barks serving as coat hangers. Everything is understated, harmonious and tasteful.


I really want to have a good connection with my patients and make sure that they can talk to me about anything at any point. XO units are a great tool, allowing me to freely work solo and really concentrate on the patients, not on operating the equipment itself.


When the patients come to the treatment room they are given the possibility of choosing their own music – this simple option supports the overall home-like atmosphere of the clinic and releases some of the tension.



When asked about the future of his clinic Dr. Shafé told us: Maybe this is a controversial thing to say, but it’s very important to me that my clinic remain fairly small, so that I’m always able provide my patients with personal experience and the highest quality. This feeling of being at home, of safety and cosiness – it is at the core of what I am striving to create, and I will stand by it.


Experience the extraordinary clinic of Dr. Parham Shafé at zahnarzt-shafe.de.