A proactive approach and a great idea are what has led to the set-up of a specialized training program meant to educate dentists on best practice in soft tissue oral surgery by use of the XO ODONTOSURGE.


The idea is conceived by Polish XO Partner ESDENT, who has partnered with some of the best oral surgeons in the country and together identified a need for improved dental techniques in surgery.


“We are very excited about introducing this new training program and we have already received a lot of interest and notice a substantial demand”, explains one of the organizers behind the training initiative that will onboard the first cohort in September 2021.


ESDENT is specialized in providing equipment for dental offices, in design consultancy and training of dentists and medical staff.



XO CARE and ESDENT have been working as partners for almost two decades now and that unique connection is enhanced by the fact that Pawel Baziuk – the primary sales manager at ESDENT – used to work for XO CARE in Denmark. Perhaps therefore he is particularly passionate about EXTRAORDINARY DENTISTRY.


“I truly believe that reliable technologies and individual solutions provide the necessary support for dentists in building the success of their practices”, Pawel explains.


“In that respect, the XO ODONTOSURGE has no competition when it comes to accuracy and gentle surgical intervention, speed of operating, and patient comfort (..) This is why we are very excited about introducing this instrument to a wider audience”, he continues.



When quoting XO CARE’s mission statement of empowering dentists to perform best treatments on calm patients, while protecting dentists’ health and finances, Pawel goes on to explain how the new surgery training program is specifically designed around the use of the XO ODONTOSURGE:


“Cutting or excavating soft tissue is a daily procedure for most dental professionals. One of the most time-consuming elements of those treatments is managing the bleeding and to maintain a clear vision. This is where the use of XO ODONTOSURGE is simply the ideal tool for soft tissue handling. It is known for perfect healing and faster treatments. The device makes perfect, dry incisions. This is what we would like to convey to the audience in our training course”.


Pawel’s perception of the high standards of this XO instrument is shared by dental practitioners in other parts of Europe as well. While quoting for instance Esben Kardel, owner of a specialist clinic in Oslo, Norway, he too is passionate about the ability to perform dental precision work. In an earlier XO Journal article Esben Kardel is quoted for saying:



‘’Many aspects of oral surgery can seem frightening for both the patient and the practitioner. Often, they require a lot of preparation. Nevertheless, with the right amount of training in precision work and with the use of the right tools such as the XO ODONTOSURGE results can be truly extraordinary.’’


ESDENT has exclusively been distributing XO units in Poland since the company was established in 1992 and they are confident in only offering the best available products into circulation. As such, Pawel has been a strong advocate of XO’s brand philosophy for many years.


XO CARE is excited to see our partners developing such kind of training initiative much in line with our recent initiative of creating a knowledge sharing and education arena unfolding under the headline XO Academy in Denmark.


We look forward to our continued partnership with ESDENT and wish them all the best with their new surgery training program.