Bio dentistry the organic approach to dentistry

Organic is a widely used term for food and other products today. We live in an era when the concern about health is a priority. Therefore, it is not surprising that there is an increased demand for a more natural approach to dental treatments and that the use of bio-dentistry has become common in many practices.





“It´s an alternative approach to dentistry where not only the oral health, but also the physical and emotional health of the patient is taken into consideration. When performing bio-dental treatments, there are no metal or amalgam fillings; only ceramics and other natural materials are used,” said Dr. Nischwitz, who is one of the owners of DNA Health and Aesthetics.



“I was a very ill kid who loved sports, but my performance was limited due to my illness,” said Dr. Nischwitz. “Because of my limitation, I started researching about bodybuilding, healthy food, diet, and supplements in order to reach the top of my health and perform better in the sport I enjoyed. At that point, I would never have imagined that my interest for a healthy lifestyle would connect with dentistry, but my studies in biology have showed me otherwise.


 “Bio studies have shown that ceramic implants don´t heal in unhealthy bone, and sugar doesn´t actually cause caries. People get caries when they lack vitamins and minerals, especially vitamins D3 and C, and omega-3. Moreover, biochemical studies also show that root canals and amalgam fillings are not exactly healthy, as the metal used to perform those treatments can cause inflammation in the body.


“A healthy diet will avoid caries and assist a good dentist in performing extraordinary treatments. With that in mind here at DNA Health and Aesthetics, we made the decision to treat only patients who are committed to their health.”

Dr Nischwitz went on to explain that in order to be treated at his practice, a patient must follow a special diet to cleanse the body, have their vitamin levels checked, and submit a panoramic X-ray.


Further information about the free diet plan can be found at along with the other exams that are required to be admitted as a patient.


“When the patient’s bones are healthy, they are ready for any treatment, no matter the complexity,” Dr. Nischwitz said. “In a healthy bone, any dental treatment can be completed in a day.


“This approach has resulted in patients coming from all over the world to be treated in our clinic. 30% of our patients are from abroad, even though they know that they will be treated only after the health check-up and that no root canals are made in the clinic.


“But the bio-dentistry method applied by DNA Health and Aesthetics doesn’t stop at the patient. I practice what I preach, therefore besides adhering to a healthy diet myself, being disciplined and having an obsession for perfection, I have to also make sure that the design of the clinic is clean and structured, providing a healthy ambiance that is ideal for healing.


“We started by using white for the walls, as white is the healing colour, with a touch of cream, to break the monotony. Natural materials such as wood were used everywhere. Plastic, glue, electrical interference, and even Wi-Fi was eliminated.”


Dr. Nischwitz explained that Wi-Fi or any internet provider, on a phone for example, can disturb both the nervous and the immune system. “The goal is to create a stress-free environment,” he said. “Therefore, the patients are asked to put their phones on airplane mode when we are doing any procedure.”



“My father has been an XO adopter for more than 12 years,” Dr. Nischwitz said. ”He suggested that I try an XO CARE unit, which I did. In the beginning, I was used to working with another brand and didn´t like XO, until I discovered in a course about ergonomics that I was sitting in the wrong position. Today I know I use my XO unit in the best possible manner, that fits completely with the bio concept that I use, keeping my good health intact. I can say that I don´t suffer from any back or neck problems.

“Ergonomics is also a biological approach, so by choosing an XO CARE unit, I got the perfect match for the healing environment that I wanted to create.


“I am also a heavy user of social media and I speak at many seminars where people always ask me about the XO unit. I really enjoy working with XO units today, as they are reliable, durable, have a beautiful style, and offer optimal comfort for my patients.”


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