XO CARE always recognizes remarkable design of dental clinics. It is truly inspiring to see dentists create amazing interior design to enhance patient experiences and construct exhilarating working environments. Such is the case with Dr. Demaestri, whose clinic is beautifully located in the depths of the Italian Alps in the Aosta Valley.


The clinic is outstanding due to its innovative design. Both the exterior and the interior of the treatment center include some extraordinary features. The XO units are interestingly placed on glass platforms that have unusual features. One of the podiums includes an installation that depicts a miniature of the Italian Alps underneath the glass construction. The other is lit with LED lighting giving it a futuristic look. Both dental treatment rooms feature a stunning view overlooking the breathtaking Aosta Valley.


I have chosen to use XO FLEX dental units since the beginning of my professional activity, starting in the 90s, due to technical/ergonomic quality and their design. In my clinic I have been able to fully enhance the stylistic philosophy of these units which fit perfectly with my operational approach: technical quality flanked by refinement in design and aesthetics” explains Dr. Demaestri.



The entire creation of the dental practice has been developed in the spirit of maximizing patient comfort and experience.


“The clinic building has an eco-sustainable structure which favors the use of materials such as aluminum, glass and wood to evoke nature, space and lightness. The aluminum and glass placed under the XO FLEX units has been designed to give the feeling of lightness and suspension, almost evoking the beginning of a journey.” says Dr. Demaestri and continues:


“The location, furnishings and finishes of this structure have been designed to create an evocative and welcoming environment. The wonderful landscape and the view of our mountains from the outside, the furnishings and the internal structure aim to arouse positive and reassuring emotions (..) Upon entering in our dental practice, each patient is stimulated on an emotional level, reactivating personal memories of readings or even childhood fantasies (from the fantastic structures of Jules Vernes, to spatial landscapes, just to name a few).”



It is generally known that wellness of patients is closely linked to the environment in which they spend time. A positive atmosphere is terms of space design can make customers feel relaxed and much more willing to receive treatment that they might otherwise be frightened of.[1]


Careful consideration of design has proven to have many benefits for patients in the dental industry. Interior design that resonates the feeling of safety can have tremendous impact on the psychological comfort of the patient, and hence improving the overall quality of treatment. [2]


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[2] Pasaeian, M. and Saeidi, Dr.Mohammad. (2016). Study of Problems and Disorders in Dental Clinics Architectural. The Turkish Journal of Design, Art and Communication, 6(AGSE), pp.1230–1245.




Dr. Demaestri has obviously added a lot of his own passions for design to the interior design of the clinic. Art is at the centre stage in the clinic that is filled with elements that spark curiosity and appeal.


“For me, this clinic is not just a work environment, it is my life made up of competence and responsibility, but also of fantasies and ideals. I want to feel good in my work and as well make my patients feel good, I want to be able to bring them into my world and share with me not only the professional performance, but also my philosophy. In my opinion it is essential to build a positive doctor-patient relationship based on sharing and trust.”



Despite the Covid Pandemic, Dr. Demaestri is not too worried about the future. Having created a design that lasts for ages and with the clinic being situated in a very attractive location, has led to many visits by clients travelling from faraway;




“Thanks to my expertise and the quality of my work, I have acquired some patients who come from other regions of northern Italy and from abroad. One of my goals has definitely been to promote quality dental tourism.” Dr. Demaestri concludes this brief interview.