Passing the cobblestone streets, hidden courtyards and mansions that add to the old-world charm of the fashionable and popular Marais district in Paris, France, you will find the newly inaugurated Paris Dental Studios. It is a stunning dental clinic combining high-end contemporary design with new technologies and best-in-class dental care.


Dr Bensimon says that the aim is to reinvent the dental experience by offering quality care in an exceptional setting and bringing the unique Marais vibe into the clinic:


"The Marais district is the most lively, trendy and fashionable district in Paris; it has been an integral part of the project of designing this new clinic to create a welcoming dental studio where patients feel good. That is why we wanted to reinvent the patient experience from start to finish."


The Paris Dental Studios is indeed a stunning dental clinic, and every little detail is designed to make the patient experience as pleasant as possible.



"As soon as the patients arrive, they are welcomed by scents and visuals experiences, goodies, drinks, toothbrushes and a range of Paris Dental Studios dental products and devices. The reception leaves the patients with a feeling that they have come to a place where well-being and patient satisfaction is a top priority", says dr. Bensimon.


Dr Bensimon and his dentist colleagues did not waver when choosing dental units for their Marais clinic. It had to be cutting-edge technology and based on the latest innovations in dental equipment and devices. Only one solution came to mind, according to Dr Bensimon:


"For me, it was obvious which dental unit to use. I didn't even ask myself the question for a single second because I had already worked on XO FLEX, and I couldn't imagine working with another brand. On the functional side, there is nothing more pleasant, and the other brands remain light years away from an XO dental chair. Also, the working comfort is so impressive, and then, as a great bonus in terms of design, there is nothing better than XO."


Elaborating on the aspect of design, Dr Bensimon continues:  


"In my eyes, the XO FLEX is the Apple of dental chairs. Where Apple revolutionized mobile telephony with just a "home" button, XO did something similar with just a button under the console instruments, and then everything else is done with the foot control. It's super pleasant, and you wonder why there are so many buttons on the other dental chairs which are ultimately useless."



Paris Dental Studios is a clinic that takes your breath away – both in terms of design, use of technology and patient experience. But does the Marais clinic mark the peak of their efforts, or do Dr Bensimon and the team plan further expansion?


"Yes, definitively. Paris Dental Studios is also a brand, and we think of expanding in several big cities in France, and our dream is to be able to grow internationally."


You can learn more about Paris Dental Studios here.