Impressive design focus in Gothenburg, Sweden

XO’s new Market Manager, Lotte Vaupel, and XO technical expert, Michael Jäger, have embarked on a road trip to visit customers and XO Partners in the Nordic countries. One of their first stops is Sweden where they visited Studio Dental in Gothenburg.

Taking the patient view

What creates a positive patient experience when visiting a dental clinic for dental treatment? We spoke to Sofia who has just recently visited one of the Copenhagen-based clinics that perform treatments on XO units, the ABC clinic.


XO CARE has decided to award five aspiring, young dentists with a scholarship to attend an exclusive summer course this year. In August, we are partnering with OPTI Health Consulting to provide professional training and advice for young dentists aspiring to open their first practice.

Extraordinary hygiene solutions

During current COVID 19 crisis, highest precautionary measures and enhanced cleaning procedures became the new normal. In this article you will learn how the XO units help you increase safety of your treatments. We will show you how to properly clean and disinfect your unit and how to prepare it for longer downtime.

The dentist’s art is where his heart is

Come with us to Wuppertal, where we met with Dr. Christian Klein and his wife Remy, learning how excellent service comes from putting people first.

Discover XO Tutorial videos

We at XO CARE are happy to present to You a series of XO Tutorials. In these videos we encapsulate all the basic knowledge about working with our unit.

Working where others holiday

A visit to Dr Renato Kunz in Switzerland showed us that tradition and modern technology can be seamlessly combined. His dental practice is located inside Haus Lauberhorn, nestled within the delightful Alpine region of Saanenland.

In our practice I can do my job with passion

Unusual career choices are generally a rare phenomenon in the field of dentistry. Meet Dr. Manja and Felix Bönchendorf and learn more about their interesting journey from military dentists to clinic owners.

Combined expertise from a single source

With dentists these days increasingly specializing in the various subfields of dentistry, patients appreciate treatment from a single source even more. Meet dentist Dr. Peter Kapeller and his colleague, Dr. Nikola Dibold in their joint Bregenz practice, Implantart.

Sanus Dentes: A girl-power success story

Meet the dental duo behind Sanus Dentes in Gdynia. And learn how XO CARE units helped them in shaping the success-story of their first clinic.

EXTRAORDINARY XO Press Event at IDS 2019

At this year’s IDS congress in Cologne, Germany, XO CARE had invited media representatives to an exclusive IDS press event. We were happy to receive a great number of interested participants and to see the fantastic media coverage that followed.


Discover the indispensable tool for daily soft tissue handling procedures.

Extraordinary Dentistry in two French clinics

Visit France and meet two implantology specialists at different stages of their careers. Learn how XO CARE units help them perform perfect treatments.

XO CARE units at Dental University in Bern

September marks a special occasion: for the first time ever, XO has supplied 40 XO FLEX units to a Swiss university.

Basic Concept 3 units: Maximum ergonomics for your health

Read about different dental unit design concepts and learn why XO CARE units are created to help you sit well, see well and work well – every day.

Facing the challenges: A Norwegian in London

Read the unusual story of a man who was never hesitant to overcome any obstacles in life.

XO CARE studio in Berlin

The customer in focus: New services from XO CARE

XO CARE: The story of innovation

From Verner Sørensen’s small service workshop and the first truly ergonomic unit concept, to the first computer chip in a dental unit and the invention of instrument programs - this is the story of XO CARE – the story of innovation.

Svendborg Tand & Implantatcenter: from tobacco factory to modern dental clinic

Read why running a dental clinic as part of a public health center can be beneficial, and discover the risks and advantages that come with adapting a historical building for a new business.

Dental Clinic Management: Two Successful Approaches

“As a clinic owner, you will face many situations that are new for you as a dentist. You can adapt or regret. I choose to adapt.”

Bio-Dentistry: the organic approach to dentistry

XO CARE went to Tübingen in Germany to have a chat with Dr. Dominik Nischwitz about bio-dentistry and his practice, DNA Health and Aesthetics.

Tandlæ dental Clinic in Aalborg: "We must be able to do it all."

For dentist Lars Kofoed, the search for a new dental clinic in Aalborg led to a site in the old industrial district of Eternitten, where he felt inspired to manifest his vision.

Mikkels Tannhus: A second generation of dental perfection

Mikkels Tannhus is a dental clinic in the heart of the artist’s district in Oslo. We spoke to today’s owner, Esben Kardel, about his passion for dentistry, family traditions, Nordic cosiness and extreme sports.

Studio di Odontoiatria Ricostruttiva: Family, friendship and dentistry

30 years ago Dr. Luca Landi, Dr. Paolo Manicone, Dr. Roberto Raia and Dr. Stefano Piccinelli met while studying at the Catholic University of Rome, where they became close friends.


XO ODONTOSON 360 is an ultrasonic scaler that redefines the treatment of periodontal disease and daily cleaning procedures.

Dr. Torsten Wegner: The secret to lessening dental anxiety

Discover a modern dental clinic where perfect design flow and personal attention come together to allow patients to relax during the most varied dental treatments.

XO CARE: Made in Denmark

For more than 65 years we have been designing and manufacturing our dental equipment in Denmark. Take a look at behind the scenes of the process!

XO CARE at IDS 2017

This year at IDS, XO CARE introduced its latest unit, XO FLEX!

Dr. Parham Shafé: A second home for patients

We met with Dr. Parham Shafé to talk about his new clinic, where patients can expect transparency, openness and a truly cosy atmosphere.

Dr. Harry Fritz: A Great Dental Soloist

We spoke with Dr. Harry Fritz about the story behind his award-winning clinic and his vision of extraordinary dentistry.

Dr. Bram Bonne: The future has begun

Meet a visionary at the forefront of dental innovation.

SYNO with Patients' Needs at Heart

Visit SYNO in Zurich and discover a clinic where minimalistic design leaves more space for a great patient experience.

The Tradition of Danish design

XO 4 unit was created together with the icon of Danish design - Jacob Jensen Design. Get behind the scenes and learn more about our unique approach.

Dr. O: The power of trust

Meet a visionary dentist who knows how to find the human in his patients. See how you can use social media to increase your dental team’s positive energy.

GertJan van Kalken: Dancing with dentistry

Visit a unique clinic in the heart of the Netherlands and learn how to perform perfect treatments without stress or strain.

The Ergonomics of dental foot controllers

Current research indicates XO Foot Control to be the most ergonomic solution yet.

Jens Ruhnau: Ace Dentura

Meet the only specialized animal dentist in Denmark.

Dental treatment room - design guide

A comprehensive guide that helps you to increase your productivity and work without health compromises.

Koldingtand, Kolding, Denmark

KoldingTand bespeaks innovation at first sight. Having been opened in September 2014 in Kolding, Denmark, it is the active model of a revolutionary dental clinic.

XO 4 unit - the evolution of FLEX INTEGRAL

Flex Integral was one of the best workstations of its time. XO 4 takes its legacy to the next level.

Clinias, Breda, Netherlands

A clinic designed for operations excellence.

XO CARE wins tender to the University of Aachen

For the first time ever XO has supplied 20 XO 4 workstations to German university.

Dentales Aker Brygge, Oslo, Norway

A professional, modern practice, focusing on efficient 4-handed dentistry, good ergonomy and delegation of administration and marketing to specialists.


More than 2,000 dental professionals experienced how to improve their professional life – and confirmed XO’s assumptions on four basic challenges.

Palazzo Manzoni: highest professionalism in historical setting

“…Just to reach a standard is not enough; we should always try to improve ourselves.”

Dr. Reusch, Westerburg, Germany

"I was suffering from back pain when I more than 20 years ago heard about the XO concept: Sit well and see well at the same time - and remain healthy.”