XO FLEX dental unit water cleaning and suction disinfection systems


Fighting cross-contamination
With XO FLEX you maximize protection against cross-contamination. You manage all unit and chair functions hands free with the foot control. Everything touched by you and the dental assistant during the treatment can be detached and disinfected or autoclaved. All surfaces are smooth and easy to clean, and the metal parts of the unit feature an innovative antibacterial coating.

Securing water and suction systems
XO FLEX features multiple powerful solutions to protect against the contamination of water and suction systems.

XO Water Clean prevents the build-up of biofilm in the water system.
XO Suction Disinfection disinfects suctions and suction hoses.
The automatic chip blow prevents retraction of liquids into the unit’s water lines.

Xo Flex Comfortable Dental Chair X2 Ny


XO FLEX is designed for an optimal patient comfort experience.

Ideal support of the patient’s neck and arms makes the XO FLEX patient chair extremely comfortable.

To complete the comfort experience, the unit is supplied with a patient tray where personal items such as keys and glasses can be placed during the treatment.

dental patient chair soft upholstery


XO Comfort fabric
XO Patient Chair is supplied with breathable XO Comfort fabric as standard.

As an option, the upholstery comes in a soft version with hand-sewn stiches and soft foam that adjusts to the patient’s body shape.

XO FLEX brown dental chair and seat


Design that helps build patient confidence

With XO FLEX you gain the patient’s trust as the unit instruments are out of sight, “parked” to the left of the chair before and after the treatment.

Neither will the patient see the instruments during the treatment as they are placed out of view, over the patient’s chest.  

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