XO FLOW is design award-winning digital unit with workflow guidance and dental apps designed to help professionals perform extraordinary dentistry.

The unit is fitted with a built-in computer, network connection and other novel features not seen before in dentistry.



The Dashboard is a touch-activated graphical user interface integrated with the instrument bridge. Both dentist and the chairside assistant use the Dashboard to control and monitor all unit and instrument functions – while keeping focus on the patient.

The digital technology of XO FLOW makes it possible to control all instrument settings from the Dashboard. Based on this, we have designed instrument presets that allow the operators to select ideal instrument settings for a specific dental procedure with just one click.

Read more about instrument presets here.



The Navigator is a touch-activated screen offering a smart user interface with dental apps. The apps are used for setting up, administrating, and integrating the unit with other dental devices and software solutions in a network.

See details about the Navigator here.

Learn more about the dental apps here.

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XO FLOW wins the categories ''Medical Devices and Technology'' and ''Innovative Products.'' 

Winner in the category “Medical Devices and Technology.” The following statement was given by the jury:
“With its intuitive touchscreen technology and floating elegance, XO FLOW enhances any dental practice and bridges the gap between functionality and comfort.”

Winner in the category “Innovative Products.” The following statement was given by the jury:
“The digitalization of the dental treatment workspace implemented in XO FLOW substantially enhances and simplifies processes in dental practices.”

Red Dot Winner 2021
in the category
''Medical Devices and Technology''

Red Dot Winner 2021
in the category
''Innovative Products''

Patient Experience 5

Incomparable patient experience

The patient has free access to the chair when the instrument bridge is in the parking position. Silent electric motors quickly place the patient in the working position. When the instrument bridge is in the working position over the patient’s chest, she neither sees nor touches the instruments as they are shielded by the bridge. At the same time the patient chair is extremely comfortable with ideal support for the patient’s neck and arms.

See details here.

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When XO FLOW is shut down, the unit’s water lines are emptied, and the suction lines are automatically disinfected. At power-up, the water lines are automatically disinfected whereafter the unit is ready for use.

The unit has smooth surfaces that are easy and fast to clean and disinfect and the handles and instrument holder etc. can be removed for cleaning and disinfection.

Please see more details here.

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The XO solution allows the operators to sit in the upright balanced position maintaining the natural curvature of the spine in the lumbar region. The light can be positioned so that the light beams are parallel to the direction of view and the operators can see all surfaces of all teeth – while sitting well.

See how to sit, see and work well here. See how the unit can be used by both right- and left-handed operators here.

After use, the suction hoses automatically reposition in the suction hose holder as shown here and hand instrument trays are used as you see here.

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As shown here XO FLOW improves productivity because the chairside assistant can easily prepare instruments and materials end exchange these with the dentist while handling the suction.

With the suction hose holder in the solo position, the dentist can reach the suction hoses and be his or her own assistant – and thereby save costs. See details here.

It is possible to place up to six instrument modules in any order and to exchange or add new modules later as you see here.

Software updates are offered free of charge and XO FLOW is prepared for future needs and upgrades, new instrument modules and new features. See more here.

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See, download or order the XO FLOW brochure here or see a film here.