As a dental practitioner, you probably recognize the problem with aerosols containing bacteria and viruses spreading all over the dental treatment room1. You probably also know all too well how much time you must spend between each patient cleaning and disinfecting all instruments and materials stored in the treatment room; a task that has only increased in importance after the COVID-19 crisis.  

In most dental practices, the outcome of this increased focus on disinfection procedures is fewer patients treated per hour. 


What if you could turn up productivity again? 

Imagine if you could store materials and instruments outside the treatment room. Imagine if you could rethink the workflow using trays and tubs, instead of having to pause while the treatment room is being cleaned and disinfected2


Imagine the financial advantages that would come with an increase in productivity. 


How to rethink your clinic  

Higher productivity is within reach. But it requires you to rethink the clinic. 

  • Minimize the size of treatment rooms allowing you to fit more treatment rooms into the premises 

  • Enable dentists to treat a patient in one room while the other room is cleaned and disinfected. 

  • Choose equipment that is easy and quick to clean and disinfect, e.g. units and cabinets with smooth surfaces. 



The new XO WORKTOP is a compact workbench designed with these industry changes in mind to provide dentists and chairside assistants with best-in-class dental equipment.  

  • It fits perfectly into smaller treatment rooms.  

  • The smooth powder painted steel surface and Corian® plates and tabletop meet the increased cleaning and disinfection demands. 

  • The three extendable delivery plates are used to conveniently deliver instruments (trays) and materials (tubs). 

Minimize the treatment room size 

To create more treatment rooms in your clinic, you need slim and compact dental equipment. An XO WORKTOP together with an XO unit can be fitted in a treatment room of only 6 m2. This means that you can perform extraordinary dentistry even in smaller treatment rooms.  


Minimum recommended room size is 220 cm x 320 cm. 

Treatment room dimensions

Treatment room dimensions

Giving dental practitioners healthy work postures 

To see all tooth surfaces of all teeth in healthy postures, it is important that the (right-handed) dentist can work in all positions between 9 and 12 o'clock. 


When the (right-handed) dentist works in the 9 o'clock position (and the chairside assistant in the 3 o'clock position), all plates may be extended to deliver instruments and materials near the oral cavity. 


When the (right-handed) dentist works in the 12 o'clock position, the left and the middle work plates are not used. 


For left-handed dentists, the work plates are used accordingly. 

Using the XO WORKTOP (right-handed 12 o’clock)

Using the XO WORKTOP (right-handed 12 o’clock)

Using the XO WORKTOP (left-handed 12 o’clock)

Using the XO WORKTOP (left-handed 12 o’clock)

Even tall dentists sit comfortably 

The clearance under the work plates is 885 mm. This means that even tall dentists can sit in an upright and balanced position and still have plenty of space for legs and feet under the plates.

Upright and balanced sitting position

Upright and balanced sitting position

XO WORKTOP details 

  • Workbench in powder painted steel 

  • Three extendable delivery plates in Corian® (440 mm * 355 mm) 

  • Corian ® tabletop (1500 mm * 400 mm) 


XO WORKTOP dimensions

XO WORKTOP dimensions




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1. See for example “Bacterial aerosols in dental practice – a potential hospital infection problem?”; R. Rautemaa et. Al.; 2006 
2. See for example “Material-Management und Instrumenten-Organisations-Systems MAMIOS“, D. Reusch, Jan Strüder & K. Schick, Westerburg, 2020