VIP event for DSO at XO CARE headquarters

Inviting customers into the heart of XO CARE is something we’re always excited about.


That’s why the visit from DSO along with nordenta, the largest dental equipment supplier in Denmark, was a special day at the XO headquarters. 15 dental clinics, totaling 169 dental practitioners, are part of Harald, where they benefit from having central support functions like HR, procurement and marketing.


At the VIP event, we had the pleasure of giving our 16 guests a hands-on presentation of the XO FLEX and XO FLOW units, as well as a tour of our manufacturing facilities. It gave them a chance to talk to our service and development engineers and see how each unit is made and assembled one by one – with highest standards of quality control and the touch of human hands at each step in the process.


Especially the ability to use a wireless intraoral scanner with XO FLOW and the great ergonomic working environment enabled by the XO units were some of the main points of interest.


We ended the day with a lunch at Rungsted harbor, and even though the official agenda ended around noon, many stayed until the end of the afternoon, enjoying the spring sun and great company.


If you’re interested, we’d be happy to welcome you to a DSO event at XO CARE, outside Copenhagen, in Denmark. Just reach out to your local XO Partner or to us.


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