Launch of the 2022 version of XO FLEX

An updated version of XO CARE’s basic dental treatment unit is now available from September 2021.


The 2022 version has the following improvements:


Improved solution for unit without cuspidor

Due to increased focus on cross-contamination the demand for units without cuspidor has increased.


In the XO FLEX 2022 unit without cuspidor, disinfection of the unit’s water lines has been simplified.


During the workday, the unit stand is fitted with a patient tray:


When it is time to disinfect the units’ water lines the patient tray is exchanged with a newly designed instrument holder including a rubber gasket:

New instrument holder with rubber gasket – also for units with cuspidor

On FLEX 2022 with cuspidor the instrument holder will also be fitted with a rubber gasket. This means that it will no longer be necessary to use the cuspidor bowl while disinfecting the unit water lines.


Improved flushing of the cuspidor bowl

The cuspidor spout is redesigned and the result is a considerable improvement in the cuspidor flushing.


New Rilsan® coating of the foot control clamp

The foot clamp will be coated with Rilsan meaning that it will be possible to hang the foot control on the patient chair while the floor around the unit is being washed.

New XO Partner in France first to sell XO FLEX 2022

XO Partner Alternative Dentaire in Montpellier, France, is the first to have sold a sample of the new XO FLEX 2022 unit - without cuspidor. About this sale, Clément Nolka explains:


“This was a specific request from my customer, dentist Dr Lallemand, who will be installing this unit in his soon-to be new practice located in the small city Aniane in the north of Montpellier. “


Dr Lallemand has been working with several units during the past years as associate in different practices. Now that he is opening his own practice, he has chosen his preferred unit, while giving high attention to the aspect of best hygienic conditions for his patients.


        Dr Lallemand

Under the Covid pandemic, Dr Lallemand and Clément Nolka have been in close communication and one specific request from the dentist, while planning the design of his new clinic, has been to be able to respect the requirements of the health authorities, that is, to be able to work with a unit without cuspidor while at the same time being able to disinfect the water and the instruments. “And this is exactly the solution that is now being offered by the XO FLEX 2022 edition that caters so well for both taking patient safety and infections control,” explains Clément Nolka.


“I was very happy to be able to accommodate for this demand from a forward-looking French dentist taking patient safety and infections control very seriously. I am very proud than Dr Lallemand made the choice of XO and Alternative Dentaire and look much forward to finalize this installation in Dr. Lallemand’s new practice”, explains Clément.

Clément Nolka and his wife Jessika Solorzano

Clément Nolka and his wife Jessika Solorzano