Now integrating intraoral scanners
directly with the XO FLOW dental unit!

Remote desktop integration of intraoral scanners directly with a dental unit is groundbreaking news in dentistry; This innovation offers the potential to massively improve the practitioners’ work life. That’s why we’ve been testing how leading intraoral scanners from suppliers like 3Shape, Carestream and Align integrate with the XO FLOW digital unit*.


The tests have all proven the same result: Intraoral scanners integrate smoothly with the XO FLOW unit.


Scanning is predicted to bloom in the future, where dentists will scan patients more frequently or even as a standard procedure, to identify changes detected by clever algorithms.

There will probably be scanners in each operatory, and it will be a part of ordinary dental practice. Why? Because it is precise, reduces human error and enables dentists to show and involve patients in what the dentist is seeing.


The positive test results are, therefore, great news for practitioners and patients alike. They pave the way for better patient involvement, downsizing physical equipment within the operatory and enabling integrated, digital working procedures.


Read more about Remote desktop app here.

See a demonstration here.


*It is the responsibility of the software provider in question to vouch for their products and services. XO CARE A/S expressly disclaims liability for equipment and/or software products not provided by XO CARE A/S or interoperability with such equipment or software in connection with the XO FLOW products or services. (See full text in link above)