Full speed on XO CARE product development and innovation

Despite an unpredictable year effected by the Corona pandemic, XO CARE has remained true to our devotion to continuous innovation and product development. This evidenced not least by the fact that we have seen a need to team up and hire a new Project Manager.


We are pleased to welcome Lasse Damm on board our team. Lasse has more than 25 years’ experience as Project Manager for advanced technical product development projects in different industries and with international scope.


When being offered the position at XO I was thrilled. What really appeals to me is the company’s high quality standards, the long track-record of world class design-thinking, and the opportunity to work with a devoted team of top-tier engineers. I have high expectations of our joint work effort, going forward”, says Lasse.


Lasse joined XO CARE in December 2020 and is heading all XO CARE’s product development-  and other technical projects. Lasse holds a master’s degree in electronics engineering. He has later supplemented his competences with studies in management, project management and completed a psychotherapist education.



A warm welcome to Lasse!