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Design Thinking


Design-thinking is about creative problem solving. Or in other words, pulling together what’s desirable from the dental professionals’ point of view with what is technologically feasible and economically viable.

At XO CARE we take pride in creating meaningful and extraordinary dentistry solutions. We do this by combining our expertise and innovative ideas with the latest technology. We design solutions that are game-changing, not just incremental. 

Read more about prototyping the XO WORKTOP under Responsibility.

Our mission is to empower professionals to perform EXTRAORDINARY DENTISTRY - by enhancing the practitioners’ skills and protecting their health, while providing the best patient experience and minimizing total costs of operation. 

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Our design process is organized in accordance with four main objectives which are illustrated in our XO WHEEL:

  • Enhancing professional dentistry
    We enable practitioners to make full use of their skills and expertise and we empower dentists to perform the very best dental treatments. XO solutions allow the dentist to focus on the work area in the oral cavity, to better manage the quality of the treatments.

  • Providing best patient experience
    The unit is designed to be safe and comfortable and to help provide the patient with complete confidence. It is of highest importance that patients remain relaxed and satisfied throughout the treatment.

  • Protecting the practitioner’s health
    Ergonomic dentistry is one of XO CARE’s trademarks. We design all of our dental solutions with the aim to ensure that the practitioner sits well, sees well and works well – all at the same time.

  • Minimizing total cost of operation
    It is one of our objectives to help clinic owners to increase the value of their clinic investment by saving time and costs; this by enabling maximum uptime and by providing all practitioners with an attractive working environment.