This is XO CARE


Our mission

We strive to empower professionals to perform extraordinary dentistry


Ergonomic dentistry 

Ergonomic dentistry is about protecting the practitioners’ health from work-related strain, all too common in this profession.

XO CARE puts ergonomic dentistry in the forefront of product design, thereby ensuring that the dental team sits well – and at the same time sees all surfaces of all teeth, without strain.

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Design thinking

We always strive to understand the dentists’ needs and aspirations and to combine these with innovative and advanced technology to obtain new and optimized, integrated solutions. I make it an effort to never compromise – but to find the right solution that gives maximum value to the end customer”, says Chief Designer Kim Sørensen.  


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XO CARE offers a complete treatment solution. Focus is set on what happens in the dental treatment room before, during and after the patient has been treated.

Everything is centered around the combined treatment unit and patient chair – the main working tool in any dental practice.


XO units are used on average between 15 – 20 years, corresponding to more than 30.000 working hours. For any practitioner who spends that many hours with the very same tool, it is only natural to expect an excellent user experience.


The new digital unit XO FLOW


XO FLOW is a digital, modular dental treatment platform.



    • Offers instrument presets/workflows – this makes it easy to work with optimal settings

    • Is easy to understand due to the graphical user interface

    • Offers integration with other XO FLOW units, devices and software in a network

    • Is a multi-user, multi-unit solution

    • Has low service costs and 20 years’ service life


See more about XO FLOW here.


XO FLEX 2022



XO FLEX is – like XO FLOW – an ergonomic, high-quality dental treatment unit.



    • Is fitted with centrally placed and balanced instruments allowing the dental team to focus on the oral cavity without any strain

    • Offers efficient 4-handed or cost saving 2-handed operation

    • Ambidex solution – equally suited for right- as well as left-handed operators

    • Is designed with high quality materials and components


See more about XO FLEX here.





XO ODONTOSURGE is a high-frequency soft tissue surgery device.

The main advantages of XO ODONTOSURGE are:

    • Fast cutting and healing

    • Automatic power regulation

    • No neutral electrode


See more about XO ODONTOSURGE here.



Strategic partners

XO CARE takes pride in working with strategic partners across different countries and markets in support of our common objective of providing excellence in dentistry.




Sales and technical service

XO products are sold exclusively by XO Partners who also employ authorized service personnel to install and service the products.

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You are welcome to visit our XO showrooms in Copenhagen and Berlin.


XO team

XO CARE is a family-owned company with about 75 employees engaged in all processes related to developing, manufacturing, selling and servicing medical dental devices.


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Made in Denmark

All XO products are designed and manufactured in Hørsholm near Copenhagen, Denmark.

See the film “Made in Denmark”:


The company headquarters is based in Usserød Mølle – a historic water mill plant near Copenhagen.





What is known today as XO CARE was founded back in 1951 by Verner Sørensen. Throughout its 70 years in existence, the company has remained entrepreneurial in spirit and a pioneer in developing and supplying EXTRAORDINARY dental equipment and instruments.


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While echoing the United Nations Social Development Goal 3 ‘Ensuring healthy lives and wellbeing of all’, as a manufacturer of dental treatment solutions XO CARE works to ensure optimal health conditions for practitioners and their patients.


We do that by thinking ergonomics and infection control into every detail of our solutions.

Likewise, and in accordance with Goal 12, we strive to make good use of resources and to improve energy efficiency – see the details here