While echoing the United Nations Social Development Goal 3 ‘Ensuring healthy lives and wellbeing of all’, as a manufacturer of dental treatment solutions XO CARE works to ensure optimal health conditions for practitioners and their patients. 


To reduce prevalence of oral diseases and maintain oral health in the population dental care services are crucially important, i.e. it is crucial to maintain effective coordinated preventive measures aimed at healthy persons as well as regular treatment intervals among people with oral disease.  


Therefore, it is crucial for maintaining oral health of all citizens that dental professionals can protect their own health according to ergonomically correct working produces, and that they can work in a safe environment, where the risk of infection spread between patient and therapist as well as patients in between is minimized.  





Ergonomic dentistry is one of XO CARE’s trademarks. We design all our dental solutions with the aim to ensure that the practitioners sit well, see well and work well – all at the same time.  



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Dentistry is classified in the high-risk category occupation due to extensive use of aerosolization procedures and thus, inflict the dangerous risk of SARS-CoV-2 transmission from patient to themselves, their dental assistants, other office staff members, and viral transmission to the patients. Therefore, containment of aerosolization in dental practice has become a very important need.




Dental health care professionals must adhere to national guidelines on Infection Control and Hygiene. During the Covid-19 pandemic the guidelines have been continuously adjusted to prevent the spread of infection in connection with dental treatment.


As part of XO CARE’s design-thinking our focus has always been on highest standards of infection control. This is reflected in the following features of our product design:


  • Detachable handles, instrument hoses, instrument holder cover, cuspidor and suction nozzles – avoid cross contamination

  • XO Water Disinfection – avoids biofilm formation.

  • Antibacterial paint, smooth surfaces and XO Suction Disinfection – hygienic and easy to clean.

  • Auto chip – ensures no spay water retraction.

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As a dental practitioner, you probably recognize the problem with aerosols containing bacteria and viruses spreading all over the dental treatment room1. You probably also know all too well how much time you must spend between each patient cleaning and disinfecting all instruments and materials stored in the treatment room; a task that has only increased in importance after the COVID-19 crisis.  

In most dental practices, the outcome of this increased focus on disinfection procedures is fewer patients treated per hour. 

Imagine if you could store materials and instruments outside the treatment room. Imagine if you could rethink the workflow using trays and tubs, instead of having to pause while the treatment room is being cleaned and disinfected2

Imagine the financial advantages that would come with an increase in productivity. 

XO CARE has developed XO WORKTOP which is a compact workbench designed with these industry changes in mind to provide dentists and chairside assistants with best-in-class dental equipment.  

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1. See for example “Bacterial aerosols in dental practice – a potential hospital infection problem?”; R. Rautemaa et. Al.; 2006 
2. See for example “Material-Management und Instrumenten-Organisations-Systems MAMIOS“, D. Reusch, Jan Strüder & K. Schick, Westerburg, 2020 

XO WORKTOP fits in a treatment room of 200 * 320 cm (minimum):


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At XO CARE we are continuously developing new features – jointly with dental universities and with our International Dentist Advisory Board – to minimize the risks of contamination.

Aerosols developed as a consequence of common dental treatments may cause spread of infection.

XO’s dental unit provides the opportunity to make use of the micro-motor with either usual spray cooling, or with cooling by use only of water. This latter feature is being used today by many XO users to reduce the formation and spreading of aerosols.