Our History

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Verner Sørensen establishes “D-34’s Værksted” – the company that is now XO CARE.

Lennart Goof

Lennart Goof ends his career as a concerto violinist and starts developing dental instruments based on his knowledge on sonic waves.

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D-34´s Værksted becomes the leading dental service provider in Denmark.


Odontoson is world’s first ultrasonic scaler with a rotating tip in titanium.

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VS Box unit - another service friendly VS unit.

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Flex Dental A/S is founded.
Flex 1 unit is the most reliable and service friendly unit ever built.

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Flex 2 unit with balance suspended instruments. A complete working concept.

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Kim Sørensen joins the company as second generation.

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Odontosurge - High frequency electro surgery with automatic power control.

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Flex 102 cc unit. Everything is managed with a foot control – hands free. Automatic chip blow. Computer Control – first microprocessor in a dental unit.

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Flex Integral. Easy patient access. Easy to clean and disinfect. Autoclavable handles etc.

QuickFlex – all instruments fit the same hose (one universal instrument coupling).

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Flex Ergonomics Report

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Osseo System is the first implant preparation motor with system keys.

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Flex Integral NTC (No Touch Control) - the world’s first unit with instrument programs and individual configuration.

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Flex acquires Goof.

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50th Anniversary and change of the name to XO CARE.

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XO Odontogain – scaler for non-surgical periodontal treatments.

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XO 4 dental unit with a side lift patient chair and detachable instrument hoses.

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XO POS with Instrument Programs, individual configuration of user interface and integration to 3rd party plug-ins.

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XO MIO - Material and Instrument Organizer.

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Danish Design Prize for XO 4/ XO Smart Link

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XO Smart Link / NiTiSafe - the first endo system with just one file!

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Peter Sørensen joins the company as third generation.

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XO DENTAL DIALOGUE – First performance on IDS 2015 in Cologne proves that XO lives its mission EXTRAORDINARY DENTISTRY.


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